Best Aesthetic Practice New Zealand 2015, 2016 & 2017

Renowned as New Zealand’s first medical spa and a world-class facility in Cosmedicine, The Face Place MedSpa only offers safe and highly effective methods of enhancing your appearance.

You will experience result-based treatments for the face and body, which promise to reduce your wrinkles, improve sun damage or enhance your features – and generally help you feel great.

All procedures at The Face Place MedSpa must be proven to be safe, simple, effective; naturally-based and non-animal; medically proven and independantly trialled by our team.

News update by Dr Cat - January 2018 name

News update by Dr Cat - January 2018

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! I hope you have had an incredible start to 2018 - we have a very exciting year ahead! It’s great to be back on board with our amazing team, after having a lovely holiday break. I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends for NYE (pictured), family for Xmas and also catching up on...

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My top 7 skin care trends for 2018 name

My top 7 skin care trends for 2018

It’s important to remember that the skin care staples don’t change, because your skin physiology is what it is and your environment isn’t going to change, in other words it is a fact that UV breaks down essential nutrients in the skin and they must be replaced in the form of good active skin care: the fundamentals...

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10 tips for preventing sun damage on your face name

10 tips for preventing sun damage on your face

Lauren's steps to prevent premature ageing  1. Choose wisely Choose the appropriate sunscreen for your lifestyle/ activities. Mineral sunscreen is great to use on a daily basis but may not address your needs in more extreme conditions. Minerals are inorganic ingredients such as Zinc and Titanium Dioxide; they...

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