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Renowned as New Zealand’s first medical spa and a world-class facility in Cosmedicine, The Face Place MedSpa only offers safe and highly effective methods of enhancing your appearance.

You will experience result-based treatments for the face and body, which promise to reduce your wrinkles, improve sun damage or enhance your features – and generally help you feel great.

All procedures at The Face Place MedSpa must be proven to be safe, simple, effective; naturally-based and non-animal; medically proven and independantly trialled by our team.

News update Dr Cat - July 2018 name

News update Dr Cat - July 2018

I'm writting to you from Estonia, where I'm attending a month long business and personal development course called Mindvalley University !   Its an incredible concept, designed to disrupt the education system by giving access to world class trainers for a month a year, each year, in a different country. There...

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How to combat winter dryness name

How to combat winter dryness

How to combat winter Skin dryness   What happens to our skin during winter? Winter can bring on some negative skin changes for most of us due to contrasts and extremes in temperature. Cold external temperature followed by indoor warm internal temperatures has a physiological effect on the skin. These fluctuations in...

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Dr Cat discusses filler-related blindness name

Dr Cat discusses filler-related blindness

blindness caused by Dermal filler Filler-related blindness is a very rare but serious complication that both the injector and patient should know about before any filler is injected into the face.    Although there are less than 100 cases reported in the literature, according to the most recent global...

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