Best Aesthetic Practice New Zealand 2015, 2016 & 2017

Renowned as New Zealand’s first medical spa and a world-class facility in Cosmedicine, The Face Place MedSpa only offers safe and highly effective methods of enhancing your appearance.

You will experience result-based treatments for the face and body, which promise to reduce your wrinkles, improve sun damage or enhance your features – and generally help you feel great.

All procedures at The Face Place MedSpa must be proven to be safe, simple, effective; naturally-based and non-animal; medically proven and independantly trialled by our team.

News update Dr Cat - September 2018 name

News update Dr Cat - September 2018

Photo: me in one of the art pieces, with ‘The Orb’ behind me  - you can see more photos on my Instagram @drcatstone    Wow, it’s spring again already! I love it when the seasons start to turn towards summer again, and I hope that September is starting well for you.   ...

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So what exactly is pigmentation? name

So what exactly is pigmentation?

An example of common pigmentation  (Copyright: Google images) Pigmentation is defined as brown spots, discoloration, or shadows on the skin. For some, it’s a minor nuisance, while in others it can be quite debilitating. Understanding pigmentation , how it's formed, and where it sits in the skin can help you...

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Skin care for men name

Skin care for men

Men have been a significant proportion of our client base since we first opened. Generally, Men have thicker skin and naturally maintain higher levels of vitamin A which is fundamental to skin health and protection. Although women have naturally lower collagen levels they have more subcutaneous fat beneath the skin to help...

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