Best Aesthetic Practice New Zealand 2015, 2016 & 2017

Renowned as New Zealand’s first medical spa and a world-class facility in Cosmedicine, The Face Place MedSpa only offers safe and highly effective methods of enhancing your appearance.

You will experience result-based treatments for the face and body, which promise to reduce your wrinkles, improve sun damage or enhance your features – and generally help you feel great.

All procedures at The Face Place MedSpa must be proven to be safe, simple, effective; naturally-based and non-animal; medically proven and independantly trialled by our team.

News update by Dr Cat - June 2018 name

News update by Dr Cat - June 2018

I am sooooo excited and delighted that we have become the first medical clinic in NZ to become a Sustainable Salon ! Look how excited we are about our new can read why they are so special further down!    We have been moving more and more into the ‘conscious business’ space over the last...

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3 tips to get the most out of your skincare name

3 tips to get the most out of your skincare

Applying skin care products can seem confusing to many people, so I have pulled together my top tips to ensure you don’t waste product and get optimum results!   Tip #1 If you are using multiple serums, there can be a preferred sequence of application, for example if you have a growth factor or peptide serum...

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Skin products you NEED to avoid! name

Skin products you NEED to avoid!

There are some products out there that impair the skin and have completely the opposite effect to that which, as a skin specialist, we are trying to achieve. When we initially meet and assess our clients, often the priority is to restore what is known as the ‘lipid barrier’, this is a protective barrier comprised of a...

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