News update by Dr Cat - August 2017

Posted on 21/07/2017

News update by Dr Cat - August 2017   name

I'm so excited to be heading away on my big adventure! After my conference in Bali (see photos below), I go to Cuba, via Amsterdam. I've never been to Amsterdam, and was astounded when I discovered that it was the stopover on the fastest route from Bali to Cuba. How could you not check it out? I have just 24 hours in Amsterdam - hopefully long enough to experience some of its highlights! 

Cuba has been on my vision board and in my dreams for over 10 years now. I'm looking forward to seeing all the ramshackle opulence, old cars and amazing vibe that Cuba is renowned for. I have a few days in Havana, and then a few days in Trinidad, a 6 hour drive away... if you have been to Cuba or Amsterdam, please send me suggestions or recommendations of what to do!! I'll be posting on my Dr Cat Instagram and Facebook pages, so connect with me there! 


From Cuba I head to the US and Canada, for some workshops and to see my mum (who has just finished a wonderful three month adventure of her own in Europe!), then to London for the Harley St Clinic. I'll be celebrating my birthday in Mykonos with a group of close friends who have the same birthday week as me (we are all born between 25-29 August). I'm trying to get to Burning Man in the Nevada desert for a couple of days - another bucket list adventure - then home to do some training of our new nurses (more on that shortly), followed by a workshop in Sydney, then back into work! I will see you in September! 


With all the travelling, I want to stay looking fresh and relaxed, so I asked Nurse Marjorie to do some treatments for me before I left. It's been over 3 years since I treated the tired hollows under my eyes, and I've noticed them creeping back over the last 6 months, so we used filler to plump them out, as well as filling my temples and doing a gentle enhancement of my cheeks. 


Marjorie has done a magnificent job, check out the photos!! If you want to see how Marjorie did it, and my recovery process, you can check out the Facebook Live sessions on The Face Place Facebook page.  I had to have the filler treatments at least 2 weeks before my trip, as there is the potential chance of prolonged swelling if you fly too soon.


Marjorie did my Botox for me 2 days before I flew - Botox is fine to have just before flying - and I trialled a new LED light machine called Healite on the same day. Healite is similar to our omnilux treatments, but has a yellow light added, is much warmer, and flashes from one panel to the next rather than being a solid consistent light.  


We are beyond thrilled to welcome three new team members to The Face Place family. Some of you may have already met Bryony, who started with us as a Medical Skin Therapist on the 24th of July. Bryony comes with a wealth of experience, and was voted 2nd best skin therapist in Auckland on the Urban List last year!! She is experienced in peels, IPL, needling and advanced skin care, and loves seeing the results she can achieve in your skin with these modalities. We know that it's been a challenge getting a skin appointment for the last few months, so Bryony will help to provide more availability, but she's awesome, so I think she'll book up fast!


After an extensive recruitment process with some phenomenal candidates, I'm delighted at our choices for the nurse injector roles. Our two new nurses - Kaitlin and Sonia - are breathtakingly beautiful, inside and out! They are both passionate about cosmetic medicine, and soooo excited to be working at The Face Place. They start mid-August and will have an intensive induction process, before receiving training on the protocols we use for PRP and the Vampire Facial Plus. Marilou and Marjorie currently do the vast majority of these treatments, and do a magnificent job, so I'm proud that they will be providing the training while I'm away. 


Both Sonia and Kaitlin have already spent time with us in clinic, observing how we do things and what we do differently to most. They both have a beautiful aesthetic eye, lightening fast learning ability, and gentle, precise injecting skills. I'm looking forward to training them in all my Botox techniques as soon as I get back, which will mean we will hopefully have much better availability for Botox appointments as we head into the busy party season. 


It's hard to believe that it's August already and that we are even considering the party season, but I guess it's just around the corner now! If you have been wanting to get your skin/pigmentation/redness/acne sorted before the party season starts, now is the time to start working on it. We will stop providing IPL Skin rejuvenation in October/November, so make sure you book now to ensure you can get in! 


Have the most amazing month, and make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram (search for Dr Cat) if you want to see what I'm up to with my travel adventures! 


Thank you for all your support, and a massive thank you to our amazing team, who do such a fabulous job that this self-confessed control freak can feel happy going away on my first actual 'holiday' (ok, with a fair bit of work thrown in) in over 6 years!! 


See you guys in September!! 


Love and blessings,


Dr Cat 


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