News update by Dr Cat - December 2017

Posted on 05/12/2017

News update by Dr Cat - December 2017 name

As the year winds down, The Face Place is winding up for our busiest time of year, as well as celebrating some incredible ‘wins’ over the last month!! 


On 25 November, I flew to Sydney with some of our Leadership Team, to attend the 3rd Annual My Face My Body Awards. We were finalists in 4 categories, but the one we were really focused on, was ‘Best Aesthetic Clinic - NZ’. Having won the last 2 years, we were excited, but nervous, to see if we could get 3 in a row, and be one of the first clinics in Australasia to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame! 


We held our breaths when the winner was being announced.... “Aaaaannnnd, the winner is.........................The Face Place MedSpa!!” (Gasp, gulp, massive smiles all over our faces!!) You can see from the photos how over the moon we are!! 


Winning this award for three consecutive years is a massive tribute to our incredible, passionate team - and also a huge result of the amazing support that we get from you! We couldn’t do it without you - thank you for being our client, and for all the love and support - big AND little things - that make you such a wonderful part of our fabulous Face Place ‘family’! 


Many of you voted for us, almost all of you come to see us, and lots of you refer your friends to us. Some of you have dropped little gifts in as congratulations, ‘thank you’s, or early Xmas presents. Please know that we appreciate you, and everything you do!! We love you!!! 


Our second big celebration is an amazing new addition to our team. 


Emma is a highly experienced cosmetic injecting nurse who has taught hundreds of nurses how to safely and beautifully inject Botox and fillers. She comes to us from positions as the national trainer at both Skin Institute and Caci Clinic, and she has also worked at Palm Clinic. 


We are delighted that she has joined our team, and has fitted in so quickly and so perfectly! Her aesthetic is very aligned with ours, and I’m excited for our team to play with some new techniques that she teaches, using fillers to help reduce facial ‘sagginess’ by improving the ‘frame’ of the Face, where we lose volume as we age. 


Emma coming on board at this time of year helps to ease our packed schedule - meaning we do have some availability for appointments. If you’ve been meaning to book in, but thought we would be filling up, you’re in luck!! Call quickly though, as it won’t be long before Emma is filled up too!!


If you’re a ‘Sweaty Betty’ and would like to do something about your excessive sweating, now is a great time to do this before the holidays (and hot summer days) really ramp up!! Book now, and you’ll be feeling confident in your coloured tops for the summer holidays!! My monthly Facebook Live was centred around Hyperhidrosis, you can watch the replay here. 


Please be aware that we stop offering first-time dermal filler treatments 2 weeks before Xmas, as the risk of bruising is slightly higher than with Botox...and we don’t want to send you to your family Xmas with a big bruise if we can help it! This means you need to book and have your treatment in the next week if you would like fillers before Xmas! Just as well we have Emma!! 


On a personal note, I had a fantastic treatment with our nurse Kaitlin at our team training day last month, using PRP and Botox through our meso-gun injector to help soften the lines and thicken the skin on my chest/décolletage - from years of sun damage (another good reason to follow Lauren's sunscreen hints)! We had heaps left over, so did some PRP to help thicken my hair - and I’m already seeing results from both treatments, just a few weeks later! Check out our video about the procedures here! 

This will be our last monthly newsletter for 2017 (keep your eyes peeled for a quick one around Xmas though!), so I wish you a very merry Xmas, safe and happy holiday season, and a beautifully successful 2018!


So much love and hugs,


Dr Cat 😻🎄🤶


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