News update by Dr Cat - October 2017

Posted on 03/10/2017

News update by Dr Cat - October 2017   name

Here I am receiving the Vampire Facial Plus from our Cosmedicine Nurse, Kaitlin. See more of my treatment photos below. 

This month we received the phenomenal news that we are finalists for the My Face My Body Awards in all FOUR categories that we entered! Wooohoooo!! It's an amazing achievement, and I'm so proud of our whole team. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, we really could not have done it without you! 


It's not quite over yet!  Now that we're through to the finals, there is ANOTHER round of voting, so we would be incredibly appreciative if you could take just a few minutes and vote for us! We are up against some great competition, including The Palm Clinic in Remuera, for Best Aesthetic Practice NZ - and if we win Best Aesthetic Practice this year we will be one of the first in Australasia to enter the 'Hall of Fame' for winning 3 years in a row! So please, please, please vote, and get your friends and family to vote too!! It means a lot to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have put the link in for each award but you can also scroll down the voting page and see each award that way!

Best Aesthetic Practice NZ 

Best Customer Experience 

Best Practice Team 

Best Aesthetic Website 


If you want any treatments with us before Xmas, I would highly recommend that you book them NOW  to ensure you can get an appointment. Our skin team is currently booked 4-6 weeks ahead, and our senior nurses Marilou and Marjorie are booked about 3-4 weeks ahead. I'm already booked until the end of November with only a few places available in December!! I also recommend prebooking your next appointment(s) while in clinic, as we are only getting busier! 


Our registered nurses Kaitlin and Sonia have been doing an incredible job with their Botox treatments, so with our expanded medical team, our Botox prices will be changing. My price is increasing from $28/u to $30/u, Dr Kirshni stays the same on $25/u, Marilou and Marjorie go to the senior nurse rate of $21/u, while Kaitlin and Sonia continue to offer our standard $18/u rate. While this makes me the most expensive Botox injector in NZ, it also means we can offer cost effective options across the board for most budgets, with a range of different choices. I'm planning to do injecting work month on, month off next year, so it's wonderful to be able to offer such a comprehensive range of options - all the girls are artistically brilliant injectors that I have personally trained, so I know you will be in good hands with any of them! 


Sonia plays a starring role in our latest information video, featured in this email, about using Botox for excessive sweating; while Kaitlin was the star of our incredibly popular 'Vampire Facial Plus''s already had over 12,000 views - you can check it out on Facebook here! 


Did you know PRP and the Vampire Facial Plus are both great options for treating the wrinkly, crepey skin on the chest, neck and hands? They do take a few weeks to months to work, so if you're wanting to improve your skin for the summer party season, make sure you get in quick! If you are considering the Vampire Facial Plus, you must be using the appropriate active skin products on the areas you want to treat for at least a month before having the treatment. There are several PRP options that can be helpful, so before proceeding with any treatment, we recommend booking an appointment to talk with one of our clinicians about what might be best for you in your areas of concern. I was lucky enough to have Kaitlin treat me on Tuesday, take a look at her in action, below. 

Kaitlin drawing a small sample of my blood - just like a normal blood test. 

My Platelet-Rich Plasma (the healing parts of my blood). 

My Platelet-Rich Plasma and our needling device. This device is great for collagen induction therapy and helps produce that 'glow'.

Kaitlin injecting under my eye area to help with that crepey under-eye skin so many of us get! 

Almost done! Here, Kaitlin has finished the needling on my forehead and has moved to the cheek area. Usually the needle depth can be adjusted at this point to accommodate for the thicker skin. 


We have a few more new faces around the clinic, with Sue and Rachel joining the reception team this month. Rachel is a trained makeup artist, and will be taking over from our fabulous Skin Concierge, Chris. We are so sad to see Chris go, he was head-hunted for an incredible role, and we have given him our blessings - it is a fabulous opportunity for him, and he will be as magnificent as always with it!


Rachel will be working Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm to 'joosh' you with a little makeup before you go, while Sue will be working afternoon and evenings Tuesday to Friday, and Saturdays. Both ladies are absolutely lovely, welcoming and fun, and we are excited to have them on our rapidly growing team! Keep an eye out on Facebook and Insta for their pictures and full profiles as they go up! 


If you're on The Face Place Facebook page, and you missed my Facebook Live this month, you can always check it out here to find out what I got up to on my recent world travels! 


We're at that time of the year where the months just fly by until Xmas - I'm already saying 'Merry Xmas' to people who I'm not seeing until their next appointment in 3-4 months! In the busy-ness (business!) of Life, especially in these next few months, please remember to take a few moments in your day to be grateful for the beautiful life we live, that summer is coming (yay, sunshine!! ☀️), we live in a free and beautiful country, and are blessed to have the opportunities we do. What else are you grateful for today? 


Have the most beautiful month!! 


Love and hugs,


Dr Cat 😻 xx


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