News update by Dr Cat - September 2017

Posted on 03/09/2017

News update by Dr Cat - September 2017   name

It's been a great month of travel for me, with a series of workshops, conferences and adventures throughout the world.


I started at the end of July with IMCAS Bali, then Escape Haven's phenomenal 'Transformation Retreat' in Uluwatu. I was joined by our Brand Manager Mikayla for a workshop on how to 'Be Your Brand' with social media - another life changing workshop!


From Bali I went to Cuba - a place I've always wanted to explore before it gets too commercialised.  The fastest way to get to Cuba was via Amsterdam, which I had never visited, so I spent a 24 hour stopover in Amsterdam, visiting friends. I stayed at the W Hotel, which has one of the most amazing spa's I've been to - it's an old bank vault, and has been beautifully done... it totally feels like you are stepping into underground baths in Roman times! 


Cuba was an incredible experience! It took a few days to settle in to the place, and meet some good people to travel with. I made a lot of mistakes with this trip, so have written a blog for anyone planning to go to Cuba for the first time. I'll let you know once it goes live! 


The people in Cuba are friendly, and it's very safe to travel around - you just need to develop a sense of humour about the fact that nothing will be quite as you expect it to be!! I had some great advice from a couple of friends/clients about getting a guide to organise the trip - which turned out to make things a lot easier.


I travelled by myself to Vinales, which is an area of Cuba that looks like it has come straight out of Jurassic Park!  I met two wonderful American girls on a horse trek through a tobacco and coffee plantation, and we spent the afternoon adventuring through caves and visiting 'prehistoric mural', as well as getting caught in a downpour with a young group of Brits who were waiting for the same horse and cart ride!


One of the young Brits decided to come with me on my adventure trip to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Havana. We snorkelled in the infamous Bay of Pigs, took a horse and cart to a waterfall just below Trinidad (which was a welcome relief from the heat), and explored the history of Cienfuegos and Trinidad with local guides, finishing with a wonderful night in a 5* hotel in Havana, some of the best food we had eaten all trip at O'Reilly 405,  and dancing salsa in a 'rooftop' club set in an old mansion with the locals.


From Cuba I travelled to Chicago for LifeBook - a 4 day life-planning/envisioning workshop where we go deep into 12 key areas of life and really think about how we would like our lives to be in each area. I have used Vision Boards for years, and this was an excellent 'twist' on how to take the envisioning process deeper!


Unfortunately, as I left Cuba, I developed severe conjunctivitis which spread to both eyes, and was on the plane for 12 hours suffering in pain before I could get to a doctor for proper antibiotic drops, so it took a good week for my eyes to get better.


Luckily I had a few short days with my mum in Canada, where she looked after me and cooked me beautiful food! We caught up with lots of friends and family, and even managed to catch Shakespeare in the Park, which was a wonderful show!


From Canada I went to another workshop in San Diego, where my favourite stand out speaker was Don Miguel Luiz, who wrote a book called 'The Four Agreements'. We had amazing speakers and some great connections with other like-minded people.


After San Diego, I flew to London to do our London clinic, as well as a few meetings. We may start using a different Harley St clinic in future, as Phi Clinic has taken on a lot of new team members and may not have the room for me, but we will keep you informed of any changes.


Our next stop was Mykonos, for birthday week! Most of you know that I LOVE birthdays!! We have a group of close friends who all have their birthdays within a 1-2 week period, and so we all travelled together and had the most wonderful week of celebrations, beach clubs, beautiful restaurants, loads of laughs, chats, and quality time. I feel very blessed to have had such a wonderful celebration! It was my first time to Greece, and it will not be my last!


The final league of my journey was to Burning Man, which has been a goal for me since I found out about it 4 years ago through friends. For those of you who don't know, it's an arts and community festival in the Nevada desert which is out of this world! I only did 3 days instead of the usual 8-9, and it was purr-fect!


It's been an incredible trip, where I have had the opportunity to tick so many things off my vision board/bucket list! It really shows for me that if you can envision it, you can achieve it! Head over to my Facebook or Instagram to view even more photos of my trip. 


I feel so grateful to our amazing team, who have had the clinic running so beautifully while I was away. Our new team members have settled in so well to the Face Place family! 


My first priority with getting back is the Botox training with Kaitlin and Sonia, who are already doing an amazing job with PRP, Latisse and Vampire Facials. Did you see Kaitlin's Vampire Facial Plus treatment on Teresa? She's clearly a natural!


We are coming into our busiest time of year, where I'm already booked months in advance, and our senior nurses and skin therapists are booked weeks ahead. If you are wanting a treatment before Christmas it's important that you book now!


It's so wonderful to know that spring has arrived, and daylight saving has changed over, and we're on the welcome stretch to summer and party season! It also means our IPL treatments for skin rejuvenation will soon be coming to an end for this year, so make sure you book now if you want to treat your brown spots or redness before summer starts!


Have an incredible month!


Dr Cat xx


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