The myths and truths about peels

Posted on 08/11/2017

The myths and truths about peels  name

The word ‘peel’ often evokes fear in many new clients as their interpretation of this is raw, flaking skin necessitating some ‘down time’ or having to hide away for a few days. In some cases this is true depending on the peel medium used and its strength; this will determine the depth of the peel in the skin. ‘Deep Peels’ which have become less popular over more recent years, would involve a general anaesthetic and considerable downtime, due to the complete removal of the epidermis. The epidermis reinstates itself from the epithelial cells in the lining of the hair follicle. This type of peel can have dramatic results but not without considerable inconvenience and potential risks. Conversely, this type of peel can be permanently destructive to certain cells in the skin and produce scar tissue, which will permanently have impaired function.

There are many other peels that work at a much more superficial level, only exfoliating the very upper layers of the skin; exfoliation has its uses in terms of encouraging the skin to increase cell turnover, creating a ‘wound healing effect’ and slightly stimulating collagen production. When we use the term ‘Wound Healing’ it refers to stimulating a response in the skin that would occur with any type of injury large or small: processes are initiated to clean up debris and start healing and eventually laying down new collagen. In a controlled environment this is very beneficial to the skin. These type of peels also create a smooth appearance at the surface of the skin and can aid in a temporary capacity of reducing breakouts and sloughing off very superficial pigment deposits and hyperkeratinisation (a build up of dry dead skin cells). Continuous use of peels that are purely for exfoliation have limited effects on the skin and should not be administered indefinitely without feeding and nourishing the skin. After a point exfoliating peels should only be used sporadically as a medium to encourage absorption of nutrition.

My philosophy is that long term, tangible change can only be made through feeding the skin with necessary nutrients; in addition to home care this can be supported through metabolic peels. This type of peel can incorporate peptides, Vitamin C and Vitamin A in relatively higher doses than your home care. These types of peels may incorporate exfoliating agents with a view to aid absorption rather than exfoliating for the sake of it. The end result is that not do you only get the shorter term benefits of exfoliation , but enhanced absorption of essential nutrients in your skin that go on to make positive cell changes.

This philosophy  is applied to all our clients at The Face Place and your skin journey will involve the gradual feeding, nurturing and protection of your skin, leading to beautiful, healthy looking complexion long term.

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From our Skin Team Leader, Lauren

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