7 Things to Look For In A Safe Injectable Clinic

Posted on 30/05/2019

7 Things to Look For In A Safe Injectable Clinic name

Staying safe - 7 Things to Look For In A Safe Injectable Clinic


We know most of you are already raving fans of The Face Place, however with our current focus on filler safety, we felt it timely to offer some reminders, so you can ‘spread the word’ to your friends and family:


1. Look out for too-good-to-be-true prices or heavy discounts.

Whilst we understand injectable treatments are an investment, be wary of being drawn in with cheap deals.

The reason we charge more is because we invest in good quality product and good quality training and we are paying qualified medical professionals. Unfortunately in this industry, you get what you pay for and paying less money in the short term may mean that you pay in other ways in the long term. We are already seeing complications of people who have cut corners and tried to cut costs. Unfortunately we have to then charge them to fix these problems. This leads to another reason we charge more - in the rare instance that there is a complication, we fix it at no cost IF it’s a treatment we have done. 


2. Are the Botox and fillers being administered by trained medical professionals?

If a nurse is injecting you, ask who their ‘oversight doctor’ is, and how much cosmetic injectables experience this doctor has had, as they are who is there to support the nurse should anything go wrong. While you’re at it, ask your clinician about how much training and experience they have had with the procedure, and what training/experience/support they have in managing any potential side effects.


3. Do the team look over-treated?

Look at your potential injector and their team, on social media, their website and in person. If they look weird, their face moves strangely, or it’s not the aesthetic you would like to have, then politely excuse yourself and find another clinician.


4. Does it feel like you are being rushed into making a decision?

You should never, ever feel bullied, forced or coerced into having a treatment. A good clinician provides you with your options, potential risks, proposed management, and then you get to choose. If you want time to think about it, take your time.


5. Are you being offered treatment and payment plans that "lock you in" or put you in debt?

We ethically don’t believe people should go into debt for these treatments, at the expense of food, education or opportunities for you or your family. Putting you into debt with Afterpay, or locking you into a year of treatments that you might not need, or be able to afford, if your circumstances change, is not a responsible clinical practice (in our opinion). We provide a prepayment plan called My Face Plan to help spread payments, but currently there are no fees, and if you need the money for something more pressing like fixing your car, it will be back in your account 3-5 days after you request it.


6. Is there transparency around products?

You should always understand what product is being used, for what intended result, and what the price is, BEFORE you proceed with treatment. We have heard several cases of people thinking they are being treated with one product and then being treated with something else. If your clinician doesn’t show you what they are using (we do this with our fillers before we start injecting), don’t be scared to ask to see the syringe or vial, just to check - and check the expiry date! We are always happy to show you.


7.  Do they offer a consultation that is at least 45 minutes?

There is a reason our initial consultations are 60 minutes! You should always receive thorough education and fully informed consent, where your clinician discusses what can potentially ‘go wrong’ - and what they would do to manage any side effects. Although this part can often be scary, remember that the vast majority of treatments are very easy and uncomplicated. If something does go wrong though, you want to know that they can recognise and treat it. Fore warned is fore armed.


Please help us improve filler safety in NZ!

When used by people who don’t know the ins and outs of dermal filler and how to manage complications, the risk can be as significant as blindness. This could be our sisters, our brothers, our mothers and our best friends. If you haven't already, please help us protect the public and regulate the use of dermal fillers by signing the petition that NZSCM has put together here

If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team. There are many fantastic, reputable clinics out there, however with recent law changes and reduced regulation, we are seeing more and more clinics that are implementing unsafe practices and putting people in danger. Always do your own independent research, stay safe and stay skeptical. 


With love,

Dr Cat.



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