News update by Dr Cat - May 2018

Posted on 01/05/2018

News update by Dr Cat - May 2018 name

It’s been nice to be back in NZ after a LOT of travel in the last few months, and wonderful to spend time with some of my friends who have been a bit neglected! My favourite catch up this month was my friends Anna and Dan and their ‘Celebration of Love’ - essentially a non-wedding wedding combined with a baby shower for baby Myki, who was conceived during our birthday week celebrations in Mykonos last year (Anna’s birthday is the day before mine!). Congrats guys, it was such a beautiful celebration, and soooo good to catch up with old friends!!

We had another big month of conferences in April, with not one but TWO trips across the Tasman with our senior medical team, for AMAC (read Marilou’s summary for the highlights) and then MD Codes Distinction training with the world #1 in our industry, Mauricio de Maio.

Industry experts and my good friends, Jonquille and Dr Taz, at AMAC. 

Mauricio developed the MD codes as a systematic approach to dermal fillers which builds the face up beautifully and naturally, just like building a beautiful architectural house. We start with the foundation, add contour, and then refine - just as in a house you would start by building the foundation, then add walls and rooms, then beautify and refine your house with furniture and furnishings. He uses much larger amounts of fillers than what we have traditionally been comfortable with, but systematically achieves beautiful results that approach (or even occasionally exceed) surgical results - with minimal downtime.

Dr Mauricio de Maio

We did training with the full medical team this week on the first step ‘Foundation’ methods, that almost everyone can benefit from, especially if you are experiencing sagginess, eye bags, dropped brow and/or a long face. Both Kaitlin and I were models for training in cheeks and temples, and the girls were very gentle and did a wonderful job!

Immediately after my temple and cheek filler. 

If you are interested in which codes we used in the lovely client who kindly gave us permission to share her photos, we did CK1, CK2 and T1, a blend of CK4 and JW2, NL1, NL2 and NL3 and finally a modified combination of C1 and C6, plus non-code lip fillers. I do like to tailor and adapt the codes to the specific person, but it's a great framework. 


MD Codes

My client, immediately after treatment.​

We have had a lot of training and trialing in the last few weeks. If you’ve been watching our Facebook and Instagram you may have seen about the Belkyra trial we are currently running. Belkyra is a fat melting injection that permanently destroys fat cells. It is similar to another product we have previously trialed called Lipodissolve, but Belkyra has a lot more research on it than Lipodissolve, and only uses the active part - deoxycholic acid - whereas Lipodissolve is a combination of deoxycholic acid and phosphitidylcholine. Unfortunately Lipodissolve did not give great, consistent results that were good value for money, but we have high hopes for Belkyra, which has been available in the USA as Kybella for over 3 years. Find out more about what consumers think of Belkyra/Kybella at and search Kybella. Our Belkyra trialists will receive two treatments about 6-8 weeks apart and we will then review them 6-8 weeks after their last treatment. So far the treatments have been much more tolerable that we thought they were going to be - if you have concerns about a double chin, watch this space!


It’s really great to be home after all the travel, adventure and excitement of the first few months of this year... I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to have had so many wonderful opportunities, but I’m ready to be home for a bit... my next big trip isn’t until mid-June, and I’m enjoying grounding for a little while!


Mind you, we’re not resting on our laurels! While our senior team was away in Sydney, our server crashed, meaning we could no longer access our scheduler, text reminders, digital notes, photos or billing. Fortunately, everyone’s information has remained safely protected throughout, it was just so protected that we couldn’t access it! The team, especially our admin team, have been incredible with putting together a new temporary system while we fast-track our existing plans to utilize an exciting ‘new’ practice management software, which will allow us to provide a much better experience with services like online booking, an updated loyalty program, and even your own private app where you can make bookings, check our blogs and social media, update your details and review your loyalty points. Our key focus right now is getting the basics of the system - scheduling, billing, stock etc - up and running smoothly, but we hope to be able to offer you the app and expanded services over the next few months! Thank you for your patience and understanding while we transition and get used to our new software!


We are also planning to become the first clinic in our industry to become an official ‘Sustainable Salon’. This is an initiative initially launched into the hair industry in Australia just 3 years ago, but it has now spread to the hair industry in NZ, and I was fortunate to be invited to the launch of Sustainable Salons NZ last month. We have always recycled and been conscious of the environment, but this will allow us to go next level, increasing our recycling capabilities, converting to using biodegradable gloves, and thinking of new ways that we can improve sustainability specifically in our industry, with absolutely no compromise to patient care. We will be launching this over the next 4-6 weeks, so expect to see some small but positive changes happening in the clinic.


We have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, so if you want to stay up to date, make sure you like our Facebook and Insta pages!  


Have the most amazing month, and we look forward to seeing you in clinic!


Love and hugs,


Cat 😻😘


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