Dr Cat's News Update - August 2019

Posted on 06/08/2019

Dr Cat's News Update - August 2019 name

With the creative "Steve Jobs" of our industry. 


We’ve just got back from the annual Queenstown conference for New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine. Dr Jenni and our nurses Kaitlin and Sonia thoroughly enjoyed attending the full conference, starting Thursday morning, while I popped down after work on Friday night to attend the AGM and injecting symposiums on Saturday.


Some of our gorgeous medical team!


Highlights from the conference included wonderful international speakers Izolda Heydenrych, talking about aesthetic stewardship including trust, patient beautification and preventing complications; and Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Luiz Avelar, talking about facial masculinization. 


Saturday’s symposiums included the basic training on MD Codes, the ‘upgraded’ version of the 8 point lift that we have been using in clinic over the last few years.


Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Mauricio de Maio developed both the 8 point lift and MD Codes, and last month, Dr Jenni and I were invited to train with Mauricio for 2 days, along with 200 of Australasia’s top cosmetic injectors. I was then part of the Allergan Training Faculty of 15 trainers who had an additional day of training with Mauricio, going deeper into both using and teaching the Codes.


The following evening, I was the only Kiwi doctor involved in a combined event with Vogue, Allergan and Mauricio, called ‘Beauty Decoded’.


Image credit: Vogue Australia

Image credit: Vogue Australia

Our Beauty Decoded group in Sydney. 


We will be running our own ‘Beauty Decoded’ events in September. If you missed the invitation in the main newsletter, you can secure tickets for our Beauty Decoded Britomart Event here and our Beauty Decoded Takapuna Event here! We have only 15 spots available at each clinic. This event is perfect for new clients or future clients! Your ticket will also be redeemable on future bookings at The Face Place.  


Mauricio is seen as the ‘Steve Jobs’ of our industry, the genius innovator and disruptor who is absolutely meticulous and ‘neurotic’ (his words) about his treatments and his teaching. Every demonstration he does is a ‘wow’ effect. He even has a YouTube channel!


The codes are now getting exciting, as we can tap into the ‘emotional attributes’ that you might want to improve, such as looking less saggy, less tired, less angry, less sad, or more attractive, younger, slimmer/more contoured or more masculine/feminine. This can then guide us to the appropriate codes to treat for you, using formulas which can then be tailored to your face.


Using the MD Codes and emotional attributes, we can create much more significant change in the face that still looks beautiful and natural. I’ve been using these techniques on a few selected clients in the last month, and am absolutely impressed with the results!


Training is such an integral part of our culture, as is a focus on safety, so we are thrilled to be providing another training workshop for industry on Hyalase, the HA filler dissolver. I believe that any injector providing HA fillers should know how to recognise and manage the complications of fillers such as blindness and blocked blood vessel, and have practiced the latest protocols to manage and reverse these. We believe in hands on, small group training, to ensure that injectors are confident in their skills. Our last Hyalase Workshop had rave reviews from attendees. Injectors can register for the workshop here.


Dark hollows under the eyes is one of the most common requests that we get in clinic, so we are delighted to launch our ‘Bright Eyes’ package, combining our very best treatments for this troublesome area. Improving the skin under the eyes with the Environ Eye Gel, and a course of 3 PRP treatments provides a much better ‘fabric’ that allows us to achieve better results with filler directly under the eye, into the tear trough. If you feel like you’re looking more tired than you should, I invite you to make an appointment with one of our nurses to see if this package might be right for you.


Before and immediately after tear trough filler at The Face Place. 


If you’d like to learn more about PRP, listen to the recent podcast for the ‘Inside Aesthetics’ Podcast that I did with my friend and fellow Allergan Trainer Dr Jake Sloane in Sydney recently. Episode 19, on Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), was launched last Friday, and keep your ears peeled for Episode 20 about the O-Shot and P-Shot launching this Friday. Jake, and our mutual friend David, have a wonderful conversational way of getting great information, while making it relaxed and fun! Listen to Inside Aesthetics on your way to work in traffic, or on the bus, or at the grocery store! In this episode, find out why PRP is called ‘Liquid Gold’, and how it can work around the eyes to improve skin thickness and reduce crepeyness! Search for Inside Aesthetics and episode #19 inside Spotify, iTunes or SoundCloud. Skip the admin and subscribe to the Inside Aesthetics podcast for free here:

APPLE PODCASTS - https://lnkd.in/gdA6qj6 /id1450935718

SPOTIFY - https://lnkd.in/gpP88hW

SOUNDCLOUD - https://soundcloud.com/user-224999953


More exciting training is coming up, with our Team Training Day this Sunday, where we will be providing training and treatments for our team, utilizing some of the new skills we have learned at MD Codes and the NZSCM conference. This is always a wonderful opportunity to align our treatments, expand our tool box, and get honest feedback from the team regarding the new treatments. We do these days every quarter, usually after a conference or workshop.


The pre-sales for ‘Grow Younger With Great Food’ will be released the first week of September. Keep an eye on social media (@thefaceplacenz, @drcatstone and @wellnessbyjessica) to see how you can win an amazing prize pack and be the first to get your hands on this much-anticipated cookbook. 


Have an incredible month, not long now until spring!


Biggest of hugs,

Dr Cat


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