News update Dr Cat - April 2019

Posted on 02/04/2019

News update Dr Cat - April 2019 name

I’ve been called up to start my first talk, in front of a group of people gathered from all around the world - and I go completely blank!


In embarrassed frustration I stare at the audience, and will something to come into my head, but no... nothing is coming. I feel the pressure of expectation, and the more pressure I feel, the harder it is to start.


And then I realise that the only person putting pressure on me... is me... everyone here wants me to succeed... I’m learning a new skill that they are also learning, and it doesn’t have to be perfect...


Hola from the Dominican Republic!


I’m currently here at an advanced speaking course, working on my TED talk/signature speech structure, and how to use storytelling to captivate and transform an audience. It’s a completely different way of public speaking than I’m used to, and I’m very out of my comfort zone - there have been tears of frustration at times - which I welcome, as this is usually where growth and development occurs.


We’ve been doing long days, from 7.30am, to after 8.30pm, and usually have homework to do... but what I’ve seen of the Dominican Republic reminds me a lot of Rarotonga... the chickens running around, the laid back people, the coconuts trees and warm sandy beaches... running into the perfectly warm ocean for a quick dip to wake up every morning. It’s fun practicing Spanish, even if only have the basics...


Next week I fly to Monaco for the biggest conference in our industry - AMWC - which is attended by over 10,000 people. Wow, what a contrast! Next week will be high heels and power dressing, while this week has been jandals and beachwear, even though we’re working... It’s made for interesting packing in my luggage!


Many of my friends will be speaking at AMWC this year, and my intention is to bring back some new techniques and ideas for our team. The style of speaking in Monaco is very ‘informational’ - lots of data and research, with a little bit of ‘how to’. I’m excited to potentially speak there next year with my new ‘transformational’ style, and see how well it works in a very data driven environment.


Just before AMWC I will be attending a full day masterclass on the latest techniques with cosmetic injectables - it will be interesting to see how much is really new. Some years there is a lot of innovation and growth, while other years there is very little significant change.


From Monaco I fly to do my London clinic on the 8th April - which is nearly fully booked, so if would like an appointment, please contact the team on as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out!


Constant learning, growth and development is such an inherent part of our culture at The Face Place, which is why I travel the world constantly, looking for new ideas and innovations that fulfil our criteria of safe, simple, effective, naturally based, non-animal and medically proven.


At home, we also have some new developments.


Skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea can be frustrating and challenging to treat, and for many years we have seen a lot of people who have tried the standard pills and potions - both prescribed and non-prescribed - before seeing our skin team and finally noticing significant changes in their skin. We’ve always said that skin is a journey, not an overnight fix, and education along with the appropriate skin products and treatments can make a huge difference.


Despite the great results that our skin team get, we still occasionally used to have people who were non-responders, or had minimal change, despite their best efforts.


Chronic skin conditions are often multifactorial and multi faceted, influenced by inner health such as diet, hormone balance and appropriate supplementation, as well as topical nutrition and treatments; and occasionally targeted use of medication is required to get the condition under control.


Going straight to medication for a mild concern can be like trying to catch a fish with dynamite - it can blow up and have other effects on the body that might be less than ideal (for example, accutane dries everything out, and antibiotics can interfere with our gut and genital flora), so mild skin conditions can often be easily and more appropriately treated with a combination of inner and outer nutrition, while the more moderate to severe conditions can respond better with medical treatment supported by internal and topical nutrition.


I’m thrilled that we can now offer a holistic service at our Takapuna Clinic for those with challenging skin concerns - our incredible skin team now also has the additional resource of our holistic nutritionist, @wellnessbyjessica, who can provide practical advice around both nutritional and hormonal balancing; along with the medical support of Dr Jenni, who has a post-graduate diploma in dermatology from Cardiff University, and had a very busy GP practice in South Africa, focused on both cosmetic injectables and helping people significantly improve their skin health.


What makes this team special is it provides a unique combination where each clinician understands the roles of the other clinicians, and they can actively discuss your concerns as a team, hence providing you with a cohesive plan of action, without the confusion of going to different specialists and getting conflicting and confusing advice.


If you have skin concerns you’d like to discuss, the first step is seeing one of our skin team at the Takapuna Clinic. You can either book an appointment online (there is a link at the bottom of the email), call the team on 0800226869, or reply to this email, and you will be redirected to the right people.


I’m so passionate about the life-changing transformations that we facilitate for people, and can’t wait to share with you some of what I’m learning now and in the next few weeks... keep an eye out for the next newsletter!


Sending love and hugs from Cabarete in the Dominican Republic,



Dr Cat 😻 xx


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