Dr Cat's News Update - August 2020

Posted on 04/08/2020

Dr Cat's News Update - August 2020 name

It’s August already, and it’s birthday month! Not only is it my birthday on the 29th of August, as a team we have at least one birthday a week over August and September, starting with Dr Jenni’s birthday on Monday 3rd. Happy birthday to all the Leos and Virgos!


To celebrate birthday month, Jess and I have decided to offer the recipe book ‘Grow Younger with Great Food’ with no shipping fees! If you haven’t got your hands on a copy yet, you can purchase it online here.


It’s hard to believe it’s only a month since we went back to our normal rosters, thank you so much for your patience with changes while we settle in after lockdown and roster changes.


We are very sad that Dr Jenni is leaving TFP this month to focus on her GP registration and attend to some pressing family issues. She has been an incredible asset to TFP and we have left the door wide open for when she has more space for us. The exciting news is that our nurse Sonia has the skills and experience to move up to a Senior Nurse role at Takapuna. Congratulations Sonia! As a Senior Nurse, her rate for Botox will move from $18/u to $21/u, while Camille and Eve will remain at $18/u, despite Eve having the same level of experience as a senior nurse. Both Sonia and Eve will do a wonderful job taking over Jenni’s patients, they are excellent injectors with years of experience.


The other good news is that we will have Kaitlin coming back part time from maternity leave in October! She will be available every second Saturday from October until Christmas!


We have completed the first treatment for all the trialists for the Profhilo trial. Profhilo is the new (to NZ) HA injectable which has been hugely popular in the UK and Europe over the last 4 years, especially for revitalising skin texture and treating early laxity. In the trial we are treating faces and necks, but overseas it is also being used for knees, upper arms, hands and tummies as well. It stimulates hydration, collagen and elastin in the skin, and takes a few weeks to work, so we probably won’t start seeing results until after the second treatment. We will launch the treatment for patients once we have completed the 3-month review for the trialists, so it’s still at least a couple of months away. The treatments were well tolerated by our trialists. I did a ‘mini-trial’ with numbing cream, using numbing cream on only one half of the face, and for most people the numbing cream made little or no difference!


I’m excited to see the results, and in the meantime have been using a similar product in the Juvederm range called Volite, which is the Juvederm ‘skin conditioning’ treatment. While it’s injected in a grid pattern rather than directly into lines, I’m finding it great for the fine lines around the mouth and in the neck, especially for those who are waiting for the results of the Profhilo trial. In the UK, many of my colleagues will alternate Profhilo and Volite treatments to maximise results, so I’m excited to see the results of both on our patients. Volite is a single treatment with lots of little superficial injections which lasts about 6-9 months, while Profhilo is only 5 injections each side of the face or neck, but is usually 2-3 treatments spaced a month apart, and then repeated every 3-6 months to maintain results.


We have a lot of internal training happening right now with the medical team, and will be offering an external workshop on Hyalase (the enzyme that dissolves the HA fillers) on Monday 21st September. If you know an injector who might want to enrol for the workshop, the details are on our website.


On a personal level I have stopped the medication (Tamoxifen) that was causing intense fatigue, and am feeling almost back to normal! I had a bit of a scare, finding a small pea-sized lump in the lumpectomy site only about 2 weeks after stopping tamoxifen. My amazing surgeon saw me quickly and did an ultrasound on the spot - fortunately it was just a little lymph node doing its job cleaning up the surgical site which is still healing. Please remember to do all your regular self checks and screenings... when we catch cancer early it is much more easily treated!

It feels like life is pretty much back to normal in NZ - I’ve been wondering why my extra time has somehow disappeared!? My heart goes to those overseas who are still in the throes of fighting Covid, especially those in Melbourne who have just gone into ‘hard’ lockdown. I thought I’d miss the travel, but to be honest I am just so incredibly grateful to be in NZ right now.


Please have a wonderful month, celebrate life to its fullest, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in clinic soon!


Love and hugs,


Dr Cat 😻





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