Dr Cat's News Update - December 2019

Posted on 04/12/2019

Dr Cat's News Update - December 2019 name

Wow, the final stretch to Xmas, it’s hard to believe another year has gone by so quickly!


November was another incredibly busy month, not only in both clinics but also with ongoing training, conferences, photoshoot and a wonderful new team member!


Marjorie, Kaitlin and I attended Aesthetics 2019, a new style fast-paced conference in Sydney, convened by renowned plastic surgeon Steven Liew. Steven not only did a wonderful job of calling out the ‘weird’ aesthetic in the industry (check out my blog on Instagram filters to find out what he did!), he invited some of the pioneers and rock stars of the cosmetic industry to share their immense knowledge in condensed 15-20 minute digital (like Skype) presentations. You can read my ‘top 5’ take home messages from Aesthetics 2019 here.


Within 2 weeks we had our quarterly Team Training Day, where we treated the team using some of the new (and renewed) techniques that we had learned in conference, such as the ‘Swift Lift’, creating a mouth youthful and balanced look in the face by treating the alar base (base of the nose where the triangle hollows form), and a move back to ‘structural engineering’ of the face, rather than just filling the face up (a philosophy we have embraced right from when we first started).


The medical and skin teams had the wonderful experience of visiting oculoplastic surgeon Paul Rosser at his beautiful new ‘Eyes and Eyelids’ clinic at 1 St Marks Rd. Paul is our ‘go to’ surgeon for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and is also the key referral person if the extremely rare complication of filler related blindness ever occurs (we have a protocol for this which we practice regularly, just like we do for cardiac arrest, which I still haven’t seen since leaving the hospitals 20 years ago!). It was great for our team to meet Paul and his team and discover all the cool toys that they use for analysing the eyes. We look forward to hosting Paul’s team at our clinic next year!


Adding into the mix is my Masters Of Aesthetic Medicine through London City University, which I have now started - November has been a big month of training!


We are delighted that our lovely Medical Skin Therapist Raechel has joined the team, and she has knowledge and skills beyond what we had expected. She is now fully trained in all the TFP protocols, and has ‘magic hands’ very similar to our lovely Irina, who sends everyone her Xmas wishes from Canada!


We were selected by Sustainable Salons to be featured in their annual magazine, ‘The Green Chair’, and had a fun photoshoot which might possibly even hit the front page! Keep an eye out for it!


Simply You ran a simply stunning feature on me with one of the most beautiful (and fun) photoshoots I’ve done this year! Make sure you grab a copy to read over the summer break and find out some of my most recommended treatments for summer, along with what my plans are for the holidays!

They also asked me about our book ‘Grow Younger With Great Food’, which has been receiving excellent feedback and reviews. It makes a fabulous gift, and if you order one before Xmas, we will gift wrap it for you!

If you’d like to get a copy signed, or just have a chat with us, we will be signing books at Takapuna Paper Plus on the 9th December for just an hour... we’d love to see you there!

With strawberries, asparagus and avocado in season I’ve been delighting in making my favourite summer salad (recipe in the book). 


On December 10th our Britomart Group friends are creating a Green Christmas installation whereby they are bringing 6,000 little native trees to Takutai Square and giving them away in exchange for a gold coin donation that they’ll then pass on to the Native Forest Restoration Trust. The idea is to put a new spin on the traditional idea of the Christmas tree and rather than people buying fake trees or pinus radiata that they throw out afterwards, they can take a tree home from Britomart and watch it grow! Businesses within the area (The Face Place included), will have free postcards available with illustrations of each of the seven tree species and how to care for them. Keep an eye out for the postcards in-store at our Britomart clinic next week! Such a beautiful initiative that we are delighted to get behind!


Wishing you a fabulous summer holiday season, and all the very best wishes for the coming year. I hope 2019 has been as fun, exciting and educational for you as it has been for us!


Be safe and have fun this summer - and remember your sunscreen!


Love and holiday hugs,


Dr Cat 😻😘

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