Dr Cat's News Update - January 2020

Posted on 08/01/2020

Dr Cat's News Update - January 2020 name

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2020! It’s the start of a new decade, and the opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come in the last year, ten years, and almost 20 years! If you haven’t done so already, I hope you take the time to reflect and celebrate your challenges, successes and changes of the last decade.


When I opened The Face Place as NZ’s first Botox clinic in early 2001, no-one had really heard about Botox. I did everything myself for the first 8 months, and I had big dreams, but no clear vision of where the business would land. In the first decade of the century, I trained with the pioneers of Cosmetic Botox; helped launch Botox in Australasia; travelled the world; launched TFP as NZ’s first MedSpa in 2004; starred in multiple TV shows, with the show ‘Ten Years Younger’ going global, bringing Botox and fillers into mainstream awareness; met my second fiancée, bought 23 rental properties in 24 months; launched the Albany clinic, and we grew our TFP team to 15 people. The first decade was one of exuberant growth.


Just over ten years ago, my relationship with my fiancée fizzled. I discovered our property portfolio was in disarray to a degree where it was possible I could lose everything, and I had to make one of the most challenging decisions of my life - to close the Albany clinic and focus purely on our core business. The beginning of the last decade was one of the hardest periods of my life. The first 5 years of the last decade was about keeping my head above water and recovering - growth of a completely different kind.


The lessons from the challenges have stood us in great stead - from 2015 until last year we continued to bounce back even stronger. We moved to Britomart; brought sexual rejuvenation treatments and the Vampire academy to NZ; we won multiple awards, including the inaugural ‘Hall of Fame’ award for winning best Aesthetic Clinic NZ for 3 consecutive years; we became even more involved in training and teaching; I wrote my first book in 2018, and co-authored a second book in 2019; and in November 2018, we again launched a second clinic on the North Shore, this time in Takapuna. Over the last year, both clinics have grown from strength to strength, and we finished 2019 with a team of 25 people. Botox is now a household name, and we are highly involved in pushing for better regulation of our (now very popular) industry. The second decade was about bouncing back after major challenges.


We intend to start this decade with a bang! Over the next six months, we will grow to a team of 30+; introduce new software that is designed to take our service and online bookings to another level; will be involved in the launch of at least 2 new injectable products, and I will be working on my Masters of Aesthetic Medicine, hopefully becoming one of the first in NZ to earn this postgraduate degree. Who knows what else this decade will hold, but I do know that every year our team becomes even better than the year before, and the success of the business is a direct reflection of the phenomenal people who work in it every day. I’m excited to see where the ‘roaring 20’s’ will take us!


With another a big year ahead, I had a very relaxing holiday break this year, with a strong focus on family and friends.


My dad sold his gamefish charter and retired, so I went fishing with him one last time the weekend before Xmas. I organised a surprise party for dad at the swordfish club. Unfortunately, it was less of a surprise as dad turned up half an hour before all the guests arrived, and the girl behind the bar gave it away! We still managed to properly surprise him - I had flown my younger brother up from Canterbury for the night. When Jamie walked in, my dad - who is not usually very publicly emotional - hugged him and burst into tears, making the rest of us cry as well!


Christmas was spent in Canterbury with my brother’s family, reading books and playing with the science experiments I had bought my nephews as presents. We ate too much, watched movies and chatted, which was relaxing after a busy end to the year.


Most of my closest friends now live overseas, and many of them were in Auckland this holiday break, so my focus was spending time with them. New Year’s Eve was a BBQ with our close friend group - we had a table booked at Soul Bar at 10pm, but were having such a great time, we called and cancelled it!


I had intended to do some research, and work on my Masters over the break, but have thoroughly enjoyed having a proper break from all forms of work, which never usually happens for me.


My only other goal was to rekindle learning to kitesurf. I started learning to kitesurf over 5 years ago on Necker Island, but lost momentum when I got back to NZ and had no-one to kitesurf with. I now have a new kite-surf buddy, so have been out for refresher lessons, and even managed to get up on the board riding! As I’m essentially a kite-surfing beginner, it has been humbling to be learning something from scratch again. It gives me even more empathy for the beginners I get to teach with injectables and reiterates for me the importance of breaking things down into easy steps, being patient, and providing positive reinforcement so that the learning process is enjoyable.


I went out to Point Chev on Sunday and had my first time going out without an instructor. When I left the beach, it was a normal overcast early afternoon, but when I came back just an hour later, the skies had darkened and changed to a yellow-reddish hue. If you were in Auckland at the time, the smoke from the Australian bush fires almost felt like The Apocalypse was about to burst forth from the skies.

Point Chevalier - early afternoon on Sunday 

Point Chevalier - Sunday, one hour later 💔

It really brought home the reality of the impact of the fires in Australia, hence our commitment to contribute a portion of next week’s revenues to help support both people and wildlife affected by the fires. We appreciate your support with this, every little bit counts!


Our first Vampire Academy for the year is on the 15th and 16th February. We have almost a full class, but if you know someone within the industry who is wanting to learn the Vampire Treatments, you can direct them to the info and registration page here, which also has dates for the rest of the year.


As part of our team’s growth, we are recruiting for new nurses and reception team members, including Chinese-speaking roles. If you know anyone who you believe would be an incredible addition to our team, please direct them to the relevant application by clicking here.


Coming back from the holiday break, and back into work, you might want to book for a skin reassessment to recalibrate your skin after being exposed to sun, beach, sea and sand, or book for a skin treatment for some skin rehab.


This time of year, many people choose to treat their excessive sweating, or to have a quick refresh of their Botox and fillers so that everyone thinks they’ve just had a great holiday!


The beginning of a new year and a new decade allows us to really consider whether we are where we want to be. What changes would you like to call into your life? Where could you show up as an even higher version of you? How can we help you best in that process?


Whatever you choose, we’ll be delighted to see you! Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate you and are beyond excited to share this new year and new decade with you.


With so much love, and blessings for a fabulous year ahead,


Dr Cat 😻😘

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