Dr Cat's News Update May 2020

Posted on 12/05/2020

Dr Cat's News Update May 2020 name

We are excited to see your beautiful face again in Level 2, and maybe even (hopefully soon) Level 1 🤞


In Level 2 our rosters will be quite different to normal, as we accommodate new ‘work bubbles’. For this period, however long it lasts, each clinician will be dedicated to specific clinic. We also have two work ‘bubbles’ per clinic - a ‘Monday-Wednesday-Friday’ bubble and a ‘Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday’ bubble. This is in case one bubble has an exposure to Covid and has to be quarantined - it hopefully means that we can still continue to provide appointments with the other 3 ‘bubbles’. Please be aware that your usual clinician may not be available in your preferred clinic.


The great news is that we have two wonderful new injectors on board, Camille and Eve, who will be helping us cope with the increased demands for appointments as we catch up on everyone who has had to be rescheduled from the lockdown period. We have extended our hours each day to accommodate for the fewer number of available appointments due to fewer working days per clinician and the extra appointment time needed to reduce crossover.


Please be patient with us as we catch up seeing all the people who had been booked in over the last 6 weeks - in fairness they will receive priority booking, followed by those who had virtual consults, and then those on the waitlist. We ask that if you did not have an appointment rescheduled over the last 6 weeks, please hold off booking your appointment for 3-4 weeks until we (hopefully) know when our schedule will be back to normal!


For the first 3-4 weeks of Level 2, we will restrict our offering to just wrinkle relaxers, PRP, peels and LED treatments in clinic. We want to minimise your exposure time in clinic so our team will be actively trying to reduce our usual ‘chit chat’. Please know that we still love you and want to know what you’ve been up to, but will have a proper catch up in your next appointment once restrictions have hopefully eased.


Like most other places, we will be offering contactless payment only, and will not be accepting cash. If you usually pay by cash, you can contact us to discuss other options. If you book online and add your credit card details into our secure system, you will have the option to do completely touchless payment at the end of your appointment! Booking online is also the easiest way for you to get your preferred time and clinician. Once our rosters are back to normal (hopefully in a few weeks), we will open up more times and spaces. For now, please be patient while we look after those who have been waiting for treatment over the last 6 weeks!


Keep an eye out for our new TFP app - not only will it give you your loyalty points balance and allow online booking, it has exciting new features which mean you can automatically check in just by walking in the door (using geolocation), and once you have completed your appointment, you can just pay from the app without even pulling out your card! We had hoped to have it ready in time for L2, however the developers just did an upgrade, which means it will be another couple of weeks before it’s available and functional.


In L2, our injectable consults will continue to be virtual, to minimise the risk for both you and our team. We are thrilled to be the first in NZ to offer 3D simulations of facial injectables from just 3 selfies taken from your phone. We will resume consults in 3-4 weeks time, after we have cleared our backlog of ‘lockdown’ patients.


When we go back to Level 1, our roster will be almost back to normal. We are not booking appointments too far ahead, as we will then need to reschedule once Level 1 is announced and our clinicians go back to their usual rostered days and hours. We know this is likely to be frustrating, however probably not as frustrating as being rescheduled multiple times as the levels change!


On a personal note, I finished my radiotherapy treatment about 2 weeks ago (the pic above is from my last day of radiotherapy at ARO!) and have now been on Tamoxifen for a month. I’m pleased to report that I’ve generally been feeling pretty good, but have been hitting the wall at 8.30pm most nights. I’m hoping this will pass soon! Because I don’t want to put anyone at risk or reschedule if I’m not feeling 100%, in L2 I will be reducing my hours until I see how my energy is. Your safety is my priority!


If we didn’t have the Covid pandemic and lockdown I would have only just been starting my radiotherapy now, and was then meant to go to Bali for 6 weeks over June-July to recover and recuperate! I’m grateful for the time that lockdown has given me to really focus on my health, which means that I’ll actually be more available over the next few months than I would have been without Covid!


It was my dad’s 70th birthday last Sunday, and we had a wonderful celebration with a virtual surprise party! People chimed in from all around the world, some who Dad hadn’t seen for 20 years. It was very special.


We then celebrated Mother’s Day, and I think this year anyone who has a ‘mother-role’ of any description deserves a big pat on the back! It’s a challenging role, made even more so by a global pandemic (not to mention those who have had to cope with home schooling!). Thank you for all the incredible work you do.


We have 2 new mums on the team - Kaitlin’s baby boy Micaiah arrived a week early last week, with a long labour and ‘perfect’ home birth - just after Kaitlin went on maternity leave! Katie’s gorgeous little girl Maggie was born earlier this year and all mums and bubs are doing well.


I’ve been doing a few interviews recently, and was very honoured to be interviewed alongside Dr Paul Nassif, Dr Robert Rey and some of the big names of our industry for the Corona Diaries IG series by my beautiful friend Dr Nicole Kanaris. You can check it out on my Instagram!


I’ve been one of the lucky ones who has enjoyed lockdown. The flexibility of working from home, daily walks, yoga and eating a proper sit down lunch (rather than scoffing food while writing notes!) has been incredibly healing, despite the long hours of work and obvious stressors of a zero-revenue business. I’m so incredibly proud of our team, and their dedication to using the time to learn, grow and develop, and the teamwork that has held us together through challenging times. What have been the good things for you that have come from lockdown?


We are all excited to see you, and start to make even more progress back to some normality. As we start to come out of our cocoons and spread our wings a little more, what are the things that you learned about or enjoyed during lockdown that you might choose to bring into your everyday life? What will be your ‘new normal’?


With my cancer journey and the business, I set the intention to not just survive, but to thrive through the process. What can we do as a country, society or individual to use this experience to make us even better than before? (Other than wrinkle relaxers! 💉🤣)


Wishing you all the best as we all go into Level 2. We are all in this together, and hopefully together we can come out stronger and better than ever!


With much love and gratitude for your support,


Dr Cat 😻🙏💕✨

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