Dr Cat's News Update - November 2020


Dr Cat's News Update - November 2020 name

It’s less than 2 months to Christmas and things are getting busy in our clinics!


I have no available appointments until next year, and even January is starting to book up. If you were hoping to get an appointment before Christmas, I would recommend booking with one of our amazing cosmedicine nurses. If you want to try and see me, then I would still recommend booking with a nurse (just in case!) and going on our cancellation waitlist. We do get a bit of movement in the schedule at this time of year, so there is a good possibility (although no promises) that a space will come up.


With a lot of our team already fully booked, we will be a bit stricter on last-minute cancellations fees, as it’s devastating when a clinician has no appointments available for 2-4 weeks and then on the day half of those appointments don’t show up!


It’s been a busy month for me, with a combination of judging the global My Face My Body Awards, and writing up my cases for my Masters of Aesthetic Medicine!


We were one of the first clinics to be inaugurated into the MFMB Awards Hall of Fame, for winning Best NZ Clinic three years in a row, and since then I have judged the inaugural American MFMB Awards (alongside Dr Paul Nassif from the TV program Botched) and now the global awards. It’s an honour to be invited to be a judge, and to see what some incredible best-practice clinics are doing on a global scale. It’s inspired me that we will enter the global awards next year, as I really feel that our clinic could compete well at that level.


The Masters of Aesthetic Medicine was put on hold for a bit with Covid, and has now resumed with a bang, so I have a lot of work and some pretty tough deadlines to meet, but it will be a great challenge!


The social highlight of my month was the EO Gala Dinner, where the photo above was taken. I rejoined EO (Entrepreneurs' Organisation) in June after seven years away, conscious that as a business owner, extra peer support, ideas and community would be incredibly helpful to rebuild during and after Covid. I had been in EO for seven years before leaving, and it helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. It’s been like being back in ‘my tribe’, and the Gala Dinner just reinforced that community feeling. Plus I got to dress up like a princess! I was very fortunate that Tanya Carlson lent me one of her beautiful vintage dresses - Tanya designed and made my Miss NZ dress when I was 18, and I’ve been in love with her designs ever since!


I’m excited that we finally have the rest of our medical team providing Juvederm Volux treatments. As faculty for Allergan, the company that makes Juvederm, I had access to Volux for a long time before it’s eventual launch about a month ago. It was originally meant to launch in late March, just before Covid lockdown, and everything was delayed - including our internal training - due to the lockdowns. Our team had a wonderful training day, and love using the product for chins, jawlines, lifting saggy jowls, and masculinisation of the face. It gives so much more lift, projection and definition than our other products! We use a lot of the same techniques, so it was an easy product for everyone to pick up, and we’ve been delighted with the results.


Allergan charges us more for Volux, and it gives much more lift for the same amount of product compared to our other fillers, so there is a price difference. Have a chat with your clinician as to whether Volux might be right for you.


We are finally getting to the last stages of our Profhilo trial. Unfortunately a couple of trialists couldn’t make it for their follow-up on the Friday before the long weekend, so we are waiting for them to be seen in our busy schedule before we accumulate the results and make a final decision. It’s looking very promising though! Trialists I have seen for their final follow-up describe their skin feeling plumper, and are noticing a gentle lift to the face, and needing to use less moisturiser in the treated areas. A comment that interested me was that they felt that it was a nice easy interim step into HA filler, especially if the person is concerned about the potential to look overdone (which wouldn’t happen at TFP, but is so good to know!)


I’ve had some bad news on the personal front, with my dad being diagnosed with both a bladder cancer and a separate bone marrow cancer (myelodysplastic disorder) this month, which has been yet another reminder about finding balance between living a great life and looking after our health.


With the longer days, our IPL treatments for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation are now finished until April/May. However it’s a great time to start prepping your skin for next year’s treatments.


We’re coming into that manic time of year with Xmas parties, summer BBQs and post-Covid (hopefully) celebrations. Please remember to be kind to yourself and others, wear your sunscreen and a hat, have a wonderful time with friends and family, and do things in moderation - including moderation!


Sending you love for a wonderful November,


Dr Cat 😻

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