Dr Cat's News Update - September 2020

Posted on 07/09/2020

Dr Cat's News Update - September 2020 name

Spring has well and truly sprung, and with it, a blossoming of new products and changes have arrived in clinic!


We are delighted to be back working again in Level 2.5 after another ‘break’ at Level 3. Thank you for your patience with moving appointments - our reception team have been working overtime trying to accommodate everyone’s requests, and many of our clinicians have increased our hours this month to try and catch up on everyone who missed out during Level 3.


One of the big changes in Level 2.5 is that we ask you to please wear a face mask in our waiting room - for your safety, and the safety of those around you. Once you are in the treatment room just with your clinician you can remove your mask (it might be hard to provide treatments through it!). We have been providing surgical masks this first week back, but will need to start charging $2 per mask, as our stocks are becoming depleted, and prices from our suppliers have gone up. We’re also conscious of the impact that thousands of disposable masks are likely to have on the environment. We recommend wearing your own (ideally washable) mask into the clinic, and if you are having fillers, needling or a peel, consider bringing a clean mask with you for after your treatment.


If you’re looking for something light, breathable and fashionable, you can also purchase from our clinics the stylish ‘Queen of the Foxes’ washable masks - sold in packs of 3 with a choice of different leopard, snakeskin, floral, neutrals or plain patterns - at just $30 for the pack of 3! We highly recommend these masks as a clean option after your treatment, plus you can use them again and again! I love wearing mine to the supermarket and out exercising, and consistently get positive comments about them!


Our app is finally launched and makes life so much easier for booking and completing forms. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go to the links in the newsletter and download it now to have a play!


We finally have an exciting new sunscreen range, launching just in time for spring and summer. Heliocare is more than just an excellent broad-spectrum sunscreen - it also contains DNA repair enzymes and antioxidants, which mop up any free radicals that could be causing damage to the DNA (which is what causes pigmentation and ageing). This means it helps to repair and heal the skin in addition to preventing further damage! Plus it ‘disappears’ into the skin after a few minutes, without leaving that heavy/greasy residue that is sometimes off-putting with the stronger sunscreens. This range is currently in clinic but not yet available in our online store - talk to our friendly skin team to find out more.


We have not just one, but TWO new injectable products which have finally arrived in clinic. We are finalising our Profhilo trial in the next six weeks - the second treatment for trialists was unfortunately pushed out by lockdown #2 - but our clinical stock has arrived! Profhilo is an ‘injectable moisturiser’ made from a uniquely bonded HA, and is a great ‘skin conditioning’ treatment for the face, neck and hands. We are excited to try it in areas like the arms, above the knees and on the abdomen too - areas that it has been used in overseas, but were not included in the trial. It helps improve the collagen, elastin and hydration in the skin, and is touted as being ‘good for early laxity’.


At the other end of the spectrum, we finally have Volux - the ‘big daddy’ of  the Juvederm range, designed to allow us to create great definition, projection and ‘sculpting’ of the face, especially the chin and jawline. I was fortunate to have the chance to play with Volux for quite a while before its official launch two weeks ago, and I’ve been really enjoying it for the chin, angle of the jaw, jaw definition and for defined and sculpted cheeks. It provides excellent ‘lift’ of the jowls when used through the jaw. Unfortunately lockdown got in the way of our team training, so we will be training the rest of the medical team in Volux once we come out of our ‘clinic bubbles’ in October.


As we came back into Level 2.5 with Covid still in the community, we decided to be cautious and have a month of working in separate clinic ‘bubbles’. This means that if one person on the team is exposed to Covid, and all their contacts need to quarantine for 2 weeks, then only one clinic needs to shut down, and the other can (hopefully) take over some of the workload. We have been extremely busy this first week back, with fully booked days despite the longer available hours. Hopefully this will ease off as we catch up on the backlog.


We are delighted to have nurse Kaitlin returning to work part-time from October, easing back in from maternity leave after the birth of her gorgeous little boy Micaiah. From October 10, she will be working every second Saturday, as well as Mondays in December. I know her patients will be soooo excited to see her back!


This month we also welcome back our amazing GM Dee, eight weeks after major breast reconstruction surgery. Dee had her remaining breast removed (as she is BRCA2 gene positive) and an incredible reconstruction of both breasts, after 10 years of pain from her botched first mastectomy and reconstruction. She has blown her surgeons away with her incredible recovery, and we are so excited to have her back!


We also welcome a new face on reception - Genevieve, or Gen (as she prefers to be called). Gen was meant to start with us the week after we went into our first lockdown, back in March! It’s been six months of disruption for the team, but we are soooo delighted to finally have her with us! Not only is she super lovely and friendly, as a fellow Virgo, she is amazingly organised, and a really fast learner. Despite the multiple delays, she has slotted beautifully into the team, and will be working with us on a part time basis at both clinics.


I’m feeling soooo much better now that I’ve stopped Tamoxifen. My energy levels are almost completely back to normal (although I found working extra hours and days last week tough and exhausting... I won’t be able to sustain that beyond the end of this month!). My focus now is on leading the team through whatever the next surprises Covid throws at us, and catching up on the huge amount of training we had planned for the medical team over the last few months!


Our final spring blossoming on offer is the launch of our ‘Refer a Friend’ initiative! Most of our growth over the years has been through word of mouth, (thank you 🙏) and if you have been a patient of ours for a while, you will remember our ‘Intro Cards’ - where for every friend you referred to us as a new patient, they received $50 towards their treatment, and you received a $50 credit. We have reawakened, updated and digitised this process so it is now so much easier and more simple! All you need to do is provide your friend with your unique code, they quote the code to us, and ‘voila’ - $50 credit on your account, and a $50 voucher for your friend - it’s a win:win! Check the details in the newsletter for more info, or to email our team for your unique code ☺️


Spring always reminds me that no matter how dreary, cold and bitter the winter has been, the sun and warmth are soon coming. I see this as a strong metaphor for what is happening in the world around us right now. While life is a lot tougher than usual for a lot of people worldwide, due to the far-reaching impacts of this global pandemic, at some stage the seasons will change, and life will start blossoming again, and we’ll eventually burst into another bountiful summertime. If life is tough for you right now, please hold on. Good things will be coming... life always changes.


Sending you all my love as we navigate the wild waters of Covid life, and celebrate some of the good things that are happening along the way...


Dr Cat 😻


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