News update by Dr Cat - March 2018

Posted on 07/03/2018

News update by Dr Cat - March 2018 name

Our team has been wonderfully busy with clients and with training while I have been having some incredible journeys overseas. Before flying to Peru, I was invited to be a part of #themovie for my mindset and success coach, Regan Hillyer. We had a wonderful day of filming in a gorgeous mansion set in the Hollywood Hills - check out my Instagram @drcatstone for more photos!​

The fantastic filming team! 

Since filming I’ve been away at another plant medicine retreat in Peru over the last two weeks of February. The retreat was the same one I did in October where we were ‘off the grid’ for 10 days, allowing me to go even deeper into exploring my higher purpose work... we have an exciting few months ahead as we prepare for the launch of the Dr Cat online brand, with a more holistic focus on both inner and outer beauty... so watch this space!! 


Surrounding ourselves with beauty.

Goddesses in Peru!

Goddesses in Peru! 

We had one of the last 'Grandfather Shamans' completed a sacred offering as a way of closing the retreat, and giving thanks for the beautiful breakthroughs and insights we received.



Marilou and Marjorie attended the Biobridge PRP conference in Sydney while I was away,

and Emma and Kaitlin attended the launch of  Belkyra - an injectable treatment which ‘melts’ away certain types of fat underneath the chin, reducing the ‘double chin’ appearance. I’ve been watching Belkyra (called Kybella in the USA) closely for the last 3-4 years, so we are excited to finally have it in NZ! It still needs to go through our internal trial process to ensure it is as safe, simple and effective as the research suggests, but it should be available with us in the next few months if it passes the trial process. I have been asked to speak with the media about it, and also to train other clinicians in the procedure, so I hope it works as well as it promises to!! Patient selection is probably the most important factor - it seems to work best on people who have a moderate bulge of fat just under the chin, where the fat sits in front of the muscle. We’ll keep you informed of results, and let you know if/when it is available...


We have Marilou back at work for limited hours after her accident in January! We are so thrilled to have her back, and are easing her in slowly to make sure her recovery continues to get better and better! It’s great to have our ‘fine line filler queen’ back on board! 


I fly out again to London next week for the Allergan ‘Train the Trainer’ course, and while I’m there I’ve been asked to present an award at the My Face any Body UK Awards evening on Saturday night. I then present a workshop on Sunday morning, sharing how we have consistently won awards and created a fun, high quality and successful practice. 


I’ve managed to squeeze in a morning London clinic before I fly out on Monday, and will be working out of Yuva MediSpa, which is owned by one of the top global Allergan cosmetic injectable speakers, my friend Raj Acquilla.  I’m excited to see his beautiful new clinic in Mayfair, and to catch up with some of our amazing UK and Northern Hemisphere based clients! Make sure you message our team at if you would like to secure an appointment for the 19th of March. My team will also send another 'London Clinic' email out shortly.


Then I’ll finally be in NZ for a couple of months!! It’s been a crazy first 3 months of the year with travel, so I’m eternally grateful for the incredible team we have that allow me to head away so much, knowing that you, our valued client, will be beautifully looked after. 


Have an incredible month!


Loads of love and hugs,


Dr Cat 😻

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