Dr Cat's News Update - June 2019

Posted on 30/05/2019

Dr Cat's News Update  - June 2019 name

My big celebration for the last week is that @wellnessbyjessica and I finally completed ALL the final writing for our book, ‘Grow Younger With Great Food’!! It now needs to go for final editing and design, and then it heads off to the printers.... and should be launching in September! I’m so proud of this ‘baby’ we’ve created... not only does it have more than 90 incredible dairy free, gluten free, delicious recipes, it is unique because it’s the latest scientific research on how food can help us be healthier, as well as delicious! Plus we talk hormones, libido and how diet/lifestyle should change through the decades... it’s certainly not your ‘average’ recipe book! If you haven't already, make sure you sign up to be the first to know when the book gets launched at the special pre-sale price.


In case you haven’t noticed, a big focus for us this month is safety and education...


For those of you who signed the petition for better regulation of fillers in NZ, THANK YOU! 🙏


Every one of your signatures helps, and hopefully we can stop someone from being seriously or permanently harmed. At last check, we had over 3000 signatures and growing. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please do! The link, along with more information about why it’s important, is here.


I’m also grateful to the NZ media who have got behind us, you can check out my interview on The Hits with Laura, Sam and Toni here - it's an audio file. Be warned, I got quite passionate, and possibly a bit carried away 😆.


It’s also a huge honour to be invited onto the AM Show this Friday to talk about the petition, the risks involved with inexperienced or unlicensed injectors, and what we could do for better regulation and improved patient safety. I'll be on air at 7:40am on TV3.


As part of our commitment to raising standards in the industry, we are holding a practical, hands on workshop on June 10th, teaching clinicians how to use Hyalase - the enzyme used to dissolve the HA fillers if problems are encountered. We use ONLY HA fillers at The Face Place, as they are the only products that CAN be dissolved, should something go wrong. 


As I travel so regularly to international conferences, as well as being a trainer for Allergan, we are fortunate to have access to the latest protocols for managing the more serious side effects of vascular occlusion (blocked blood vessel) and blindness, as well as less serious side effects like lumps and reactions. It’s a joy to be able to share these protocols within a small group training, along with the ‘hands on’ of how to actually administer the hyalase, do a patch test (there is a small chance of allergic reaction with hyalase) and put together an emergency blindness kit (which hopefully none of us will ever have to use!)


At our recent Vampire Academy, where we had doctors from Australia and other parts of NZ learning the Vampire Treatments (Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Breastlift, and sexual rejuvenation with O-Shot and Priapus Shot) we had top ratings from every single attendee, and one of the doctors described it as “The best training he has received in over 25 years as a doctor” - so I’m hoping we can deliver to the same level with our hands-on hyalase training. If you know someone in the industry who might want to attend, we have just 2 spaces left (if we kick some of our team out 😆) and they can find out more here. 


Dr David Bivona from SNIP Vasectomy Clinic, Dr Simon Snook from The Women's Clinic, myself, Dr Kirshni from Jeunesse and Dr Kris Bascomb from Boston Bay Family Health  


To further my training even more, I’ve been offered a place to study for a Masters of Aesthetic Medicine, and if it all goes well, will be one of the first in the country to receive this qualification! It will mean a lot of extra ‘homework’ over the next 18 months or so, but should also provide an excellent platform for further research, and upleveling our training even further, to keep us at the forefront of the industry in both innovation, and scientific validation.


I’ll be heading up to the UK and France in early July, as I’ve been accepted to tour the Juvederm Factory in Pringy, France... about 40-60 min from Geneva. It’s a real privilege to be invited, and ties in well with some of the upcoming training and facilitation that Allergan would like me to do. It also means I will be available at the London Clinic in Mayfair for our Northern Hemisphere clients!


From there I fly back to Sydney where Dr Jenni and I have been invited for further training with Dr Mauricio de Maio, commonly regarded as the ‘Steve Jobs’ of the injecting industry for his genius ideas and unique way of teaching. Affectionately known as MdM, he is the inventor of both the 8 point lift, and the MD Codes, both of which our team use as filler techniques to create beautiful, natural-looking, structured results.


So as usual, there is lots on! I’ll be taking a short break in Bali with some fellow entrepreneur girlfriends in late June, but I know the team will do an incredible job of looking after you while I’m away diving and snorkeling with the Komodo Dragons! 


Take care as we head into the Winter months and make sure you protect each other, your family and your friends by taking the time to read my checklist on the 7 Things to Look For In A Safe Injectable Clinic! Have another fabulous and incredible month, and we look forward to seeing you in clinic.


Loads of love and hugs,


Dr Cat 😻❤️




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