Lauren's Blog: Why Your Body Needs Great Skincare Too

Posted on 31/05/2021

Lauren's Blog: Why Your Body Needs Great Skincare Too name

Do you treat your body skin with the same respect and care that you treat your facial skin? The skin, whether it be face or body requires certain nutrients for it to function in a healthy way. We obviously utilize some of these nutrients from our diet, but often as skin is always interfacing with the environment it isn’t enough to keep it in good condition.


Applying these nutrients topically has a profound impact on the skin, with vitamin A helping to reverse damage at a cellular level and anti-oxidants helping to prevent future damage. These ingredients also stimulate hydration at a cellular level and stimulate the production of collagen to thicken the skin.  Regular application of active and potent nutrients to the skin will lighten pigment, increase hydration, reduce redness and improve skin texture. 


By improving skin health there are many conditions that can be resolved, a common one being Keratosis Pilaris (small, red, rough bumps usually on the backs of the arms and thighs) and general dry rough skin including elbows and knees. Improvements can be made to stretch marks and lax skin, (particularly after pregnancy and breastfeeding), pigmentation (brown spots) and vascularity (redness or visible blood vessels).


Environ has developed some specific products for the body that fulfill these requirements. These are:

1. Environ Derma-Lac Lotion is a lightly fragranced lotion that helps to soften rough areas on your skin, such as elbows and heels, whilst also helping to boost skin's moisture levels. Use morning and night. For best overall body care, use in conjunction with Environ A, C & E Body Oil.

2. Environ A, C & E Body Oil helps to nourish and condition your skin, helping to effectively rehydrate dry and sun-damaged skin and give it a more healthy appearance. It also nourishes skin and assists it in retaining moisture and in improving the appearance of fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Apply a thin layer twice a day after using Environ Derma-Lac Lotion


You can also use the Forte version of this body oil. It's a stronger option which will help to make further change in the skin. Higher doses of A will trigger further gene transcription, repairing skin cell DNA.


I recommend using both of these products, lotion and oil, twice daily. Within a few months you should notice significant changes in the appearance of those bumps and rough or damaged skin.


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Enjoying your winter and look after your skin,

Your Skin Team Leader Lauren x

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