Lauren's Summer Skincare Secrets

Posted on 03/02/2021

Lauren's Summer Skincare Secrets name

I love being outdoors, surfing, walking and stand-up paddleboarding and when I am camping, I am pretty much constantly exposed to the elements. Those summer holidays are when I let myself go and enjoy the sun, but I still try and take as many precautions as possible.


Most of us enjoy the warmth of the sun and the way it makes us feel, but the reality is a ‘tan' is the skin's attempt to protect itself and, in turn, the oxidative stress on the skin is causing damage. Therefore, it is still essential to limit the time in the sun and do your best to protect yourself.


I load my skin with antioxidants both on my face and body: my favorite combo at the moment is the Cosmedix Pure C Crystals, mixed with Cosmedix Elite Pepoxide which is a multi-antioxidant product. This summer I added in a multi-peptide product from Environ, Advance Elixir, to stimulate the ongoing repair processes in the skin.


The skin on the body needs just as much antioxidant love as the face. For this I use Environ ACE oil both morning (under my sunscreen) and night. To really add a more holistic, protective approach  I also used our New Heliocare 360° oral sunscreen capsules. 


I don’t take any shortcuts with my skincare regime when I’m away - with the increased UV, it’s not the time to start cutting corners. If necessary, I might have to throw out something else in my packing to accommodate!  I don’t generally downsize either, as I don’t want to run out of product while I’m away.  There are some things I might decant into smaller packaging, like my Environ body products, and I may take a smaller size cleanser.


Ultimately there’s no substitute for covering up and as you can see from my paddleboarding adventures, I cover my body from head to toe where possible. 

I loved getting out on the water with friends over the summer break


In summary, sunscreen is essential but it is not enough alone. Antioxidants have a different method of protection and help protect from a broader spectrum of damaging rays while also repairing your skin at the same time. 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and looking after your skin,

Your Skin Team Leader Lauren x



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