Lauren's Ultimate Guide to Winter Skin Treatments

Posted on 03/08/2020

Lauren's Ultimate Guide to Winter Skin Treatments name

Have you heard of the saying "summer bodies are born in winter"? By the same token, when it comes to your skin, a gorgeous summer glow is born in winter! So don't just stay in and hibernate during the colder months - make your skin's optimal condition a priority.

Winter is a great time to progress to advanced peeling techniques, needling (or collagen induction therapy) and IPL. Many treatments induce temporary photosensitivity, so it's best to avoid UV as much as possible while the skin is more vulnerable after a treatment. Although the levels of UVA do not change too much during winter, we tend to spend less time outside so it's time to get busy maximizing your skin results. Of course, it goes without saying that sun protection is advised every single day, all year - no matter what the weather. 

Winter provides a great opportunity to start using layering techniques with your peels which will potentially push the skin to produce more collagen and allow better absorption of metabolic ingredients such as vitamin A peels. Remember vitamin A peels are a powerful way to initiate gene transcription creating DNA repair. A vitamin A peel is a holistic approach to treating any skin complaint, whether it be acne, skin texture, or pigmentation. We offer a range of peels and can get you on the right progression, from your very first (milder) peel through to more advanced versions.

If your skin is in optimum health through your home care and peels, it's time to start needling: a proven science to induce collagen and skin thickening. Once we hit 33, we start to incrementally produce less and less collagen every year. On top of that, UV is breaking it down constantly. The breakdown of collagen and its diminished production leads to sagging, wrinkles, enlarged pores and hollowing. We offer several different methods of collagen induction therapy: the Skin Pen, the eDermaStamp and the Dermal Roller and can tailor the perfect treatment for your skin's unique needs. My favourite right now is the Skin Pen as it has virtually no downtime afterwards (just slight skin redness) yet still gives impressive results. 

Finally, if superficial pigmentation is a concern, IPL is an ideal winter treatment. This works effectively with a combination of peels to address cell repair and remove the deposits of pigment in the epidermis (superficial layers if the skin). Our IPL elōs™ technology combines radio frequency and light energies to gently and precisely target problem areas, helping to fade age spots, spider veins, rosacea, and blotchy skin due to sun damage. We do not offer this treatment during the summer months, so now's the time to book a course and get optimal results. 

Winter is well and truly here, and I'm excited to hit the slopes for my snow holiday! If you're also a skier or snowboarder, please note that you should schedule any peels or IPL treatments at least 2 weeks before you plan to hit the slopes as you need to avoid having goggles or a balaclava on your face too soon after these treatments. 

It's time for you to get busy looking fabulous now and for years to come!

Lauren x

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