My 3 lessons for thriving in my 40's

Posted on 03/04/2018

My 3 lessons for thriving in my 40's name

Lesson 1) Trying organic nutrients can absolutely be worth it!

My usual mantra is obviously around skin health and feeding it with good topical nutrition (Medical-grade Skin Care) as pure dietary nutrition doesn’t impact the skin sufficiently.

Of course, this does not discount the importance of good nutrition for general health and well-being. I’ve been an advocate of organic and whole food for most of my life. My interest in organic food started when I was working in the US and I was gifted a box of organic veges from a client. That was over 16 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, Maya, and I thought this was a great way to help ensure that Maya got the best start possible: my interest in organic has continued ever since.

Exploring the organic produce at the Sunday markets 

My favourite fish dish with the organic vegetables used from the market

Lesson 2) Always find new options to challenge and clear your head

Exercise has also been a constant influence, although sometimes more than others. Yoga became an integral part of my life, again starting with my first pregnancy - I believe this gave me the strength, both physically and mentally, to get me through child birth without pain relief. 

As life catapults me towards 50, I have spent over 16 years making sure I’m the number one fan of my children. I believe it's important to hold on to a ‘sense of self’ not just for the sake of ourselves but also for the people around us. It’s important to try and remain grounded and vibrant, whilst maintaining a piece of the girl you used to be.

As a single mother of a 14 and 16-year-old, it’s sometimes difficult to remember what it’s like to have dreams and aspirations; we can be so caught up on the crazy treadmill of life; children, work and maintaining a home and mortgage. For this reason, I try to implement things that ‘clear my mind’. Not only do I need to eat healthily, and exercise regularly, but I also need do things that break the routine and challenge me.

I love exploring a beach on a stormy day!

I find I’m at my most content outdoors surrounded by nature, so I walk, paddle board and surf when time allows. I frequently find that surfing will push me beyond my comfort zone and challenge me every time. I often fear the ocean but if I manage to ride a wave, I come away feeling elated and complete: I’ve stepped away from the mundane for a moment and I remember the girl that felt so much excitement about life and all of its challenges.


Lesson 3) Life does go on without coffee

Even with what sounds like a really healthy lifestyle -  of course I still have my crutches. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coffee, which has been my daily ritual for many years. It’s an addiction that would make me feel ‘excited‘ about my first coffee after waking up in the morning. I also love food and wine, and I know many women at my age and stage of life use a glass of wine in the evening to relax, after a busy day of work and children. This often creeps up in to a ‘more evenings than not’ occurrence.

I recently decided to embark on a detox to kick out some of these crutches: a month of no coffee, alcohol, sugar or carbohydrates; just fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish.  I have had days where I’ve faltered but I will still persevere until the month is complete, and from there, I will limit my coffee and alcohol consumption.

Here’s 2 substitutes that I’ve been enjoying during my detox:

To replace my coffee in the morning: Maca and cacao drink

To make a batch for approximately 6 cups

2Tblsp Maca

2Tblsp Cacao

2tsp coconut sugar

1tsp Cinnamon

1tsp turmeric

Pinch cayenne pepper

Ground black pepper

Mix 2 heaped teaspoons with a cup of almond and coconut milk


Breakfast: Green smoothie – I love this!!

1 Cup of almond coconut milk

2 handfuls of fresh spinach

2 fresh dates

4 large mint leaves

¼ Avocado

A little water to mix to desired consistency

Blend – Enjoy!


I hope you can take something from my story and lessons. The act of actually sharing what those lessons are and having a self-awareness around them has created space for me to explore even more – try it for yourself!


From your Skin Team Leader, Lauren. 

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