News update by Dr Cat - February 2018

Posted on 31/01/2018

News update by Dr Cat - February 2018 name

Hello from a brisk, chilly London winter!! Emma and I, flew over last Friday (pictured above).


I’ve left the beautiful summer days of Auckland to do my regular Harley St clinic and one of the big conferences of the year - IMCAS Paris! 


I’ll be joined by Emma and Kirshni, and we will catch the Eurostar over to Paris together - what an adventure!! It’s so lovely to have some of the team with me this time... I think it’s my 5th or 6th year going to IMCAS Paris, so there are heaps of the top speakers and clinicians who I’ve become friends with and am looking forward to seeing. It’s the 20th anniversary for IMCAS Paris, so it should be pretty spectacular this year! 


I’m in a slightly different London clinic this time, at number 1 Harley St (I love the number 1, being in the first row, and being first at - well - anything!!😆). This clinic is run by a plastic surgeon who also runs an award-winning, globally accredited training academy, called MATA (Medical Aesthetics Training Academy)


Our very exciting news is that we are launching a branch of the MATA academy in New Zealand, with the intention of raising standards across the industry. Currently, most of the injectable training in NZ is provided by the pharmaceutical companies that sell the products - it is excellent training, but obviously biased towards the product they are selling! ☺️ 


The New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine (which I’m a member of) also provides an excellent training program, but you must be a vocationally registered GP to be eligible for training these days. There are many other doctors, nurses and dentists who are getting into the industry without having broad spectrum, good quality, well rounded training - or any form of accreditation. I believe this is why we are starting to see some very strange looking people in the streets - as there are many clinicians who are not receiving adequate training or guidance on how to provide beautiful results - or on how to prevent and manage complications!  


This has a massive impact on how our industry is perceived as a whole, and means that many people (and their partners!) have a misconception that if you have cosmetic procedures that you’re going to look ‘weird’ - because they only notice the bad work... as you know, if it’s good work, people just think you look great!! 


So - I’m excited to be pulling together an incredible team of exceptional trainers, each of whom trains for one of each of the top companies, to make sure we have a good spread of top quality products and techniques that the training clinicians can be exposed to. This team will be joining me back in London after IMCAS Paris for a 4 day ‘Train the Trainer’ course which will give us the accreditation to offer the MATA Training. 


The first step for the clinicians we will train is enrolling into an e-learning platform, and completing extensive theory modules and quizzes. They then have a 2 day hands on workshop, need to complete logbooks of experience, write several essays, and then go through a 2 day accredited practical and theory examination. The whole process usually takes about 6-12 months, depending on how proactive they are! 


Our training team has been going through the e-learning platform - in fact, the  whole process - so it has been a very busy start to the year! MATA already has people wanting to enrol, so they will go through an intensive application process, and we hope to be providing the first ‘hands on’ training weekend in April/May. 


We have a lot more exciting announcements coming up over the next couple of months, so watch this space!! If you would like to be put on the waiting list for further announcement of this course, please email our Clinic Manager, Dee at, otherwise keep an eye out on our newsletter, website and social media channels.


We’ve had a lot of interest in the O-Shot - before I left I was doing at least 1-2 each day - so I did my monthly ‘Ask Dr Cat’ Facebook Live on it! If you are interested in helping your leaky bladder, sensation, lubrication or orgasm, and you missed it Live, you can check out the recording here.


I’m not sure about you, but it feels like this year has started with a massive rush of amazing opportunities, and it feels like it was a loooooong time ago that we had Christmas! 


I get back from London and Paris on the 10th February and go straight into team training day on the 11th to show the team what we learned at IMCAS Paris. 


One of my favourite sessions is always the cadaver dissection/Live model comparison, where they show different clinical techniques on a live model, then do the exact same thing on a cadaver and dissect the cadaver so you can visualise both the clinical impact (on the live model) and the levels and layers of tissues affected, risks and potential complications (in the cadaver). There are always new tweaks and techniques to share with the team when I get back!! 


I’m literally back in town for 4 days, and then fly to LA to film a documentary, and from there to do the retreat in Peru that I did last October. I feel so blessed that we have such an amazing team to look after you while I’m away!! 


We finally get the launch of Belkyra (called Kybella in the US, where it has been used for the last 4-5 years) - an injectable treatment used to dissolve the double-chin (medically called the sub-mental fat pad) and help the neck look slimmer. The launch is while I’m away, so Marjorie and Emma will go in my place. We are yet to trial the product, but if you are interested, you can find out more (direct from clients in the US who have trialed it!) on - just search for Kybella rather than Belkyra... it’s exactly the same thing, just a different name for the US market! 


I hope you have had an incredible start to the year, and loads of wonderful opportunities coming your way too. I want you to know that we love and appreciate you and your support of our team, and our clinic. Bring on an exciting and successful 2018!!


Love and hugs,


Cat xx


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