News update by Dr Cat - April 2018

Posted on 04/04/2018

News update by Dr Cat - April 2018 name

Gosh, where has the year gone? It’s crazy to think we’re in April already - it feels like so much has happened! I hope you had a wonderful Easter break, and did lots of things that were great for your soul... 


I headed away to Ashburton for our family reunion on my mum’s side. My great-grandad, Sir Victor Davies, was one of the founders of Duncan and Davies Nurseries, which grew to be one of the largest nurseries in the Southern Hemisphere.  The last time I saw a large number of my rellies like this was at the Duncan and Davies (100 year) reunion, over 5 years ago! It’s so lovely to reconnect with family and we always learn more about our family history... there is something so grounding about being around a large group of extended family.  I adored spending time with my mum, my brother Jamie, and my nephews Lachie (5) and Oliver (3 - and we’re no longer allowed to call him Ollie!) 


It feels like ages since our team retreat in Waiheke on the 10-12 March. We had an incredible weekend going deeper into mindset tools, manifestation, meditation and transformation. It was the most wonderful team bonding, building even deeper connections in our already amazing team - we all call it The Face Place ‘family’. We had sooo much fun dressing up for the 1920’s themed celebration dinner on the Saturday night, and I’m so grateful to my mum Lizzy and step-dad David for organising the retreat and cooking a ‘family BBQ’ on Friday night, and a delicious pancake breakfast on the Sunday morning! Check out our full 3-day journey on our Face Place Instagram highlights.

Our morning activation on the beach!

We celebrated with a HUGE 1920's-themed awards dinner. 


Where you will find more photos from our incredible weekend away. 


Expect to see some subtle yet significant shifts in the team (and the business!) over the next few months as we start to move to a more holistic offering around transformation, and a more conscious way of doing business. 


Lauren is kicking it off this month, sharing some of the transformations she has implemented since the team retreat... we’re so proud of her!! 


Many of us made personal commitments that weekend, breaking out of old habits and committing to doing something different, as part of the transformation process. 


For me, it was committing to purchasing a luxury item just for me. It sounds weird, but in the past I’ve not been great on spending money on myself. This ties so deeply into an ‘I’m not worthy’ and scarcity mindset, which I’m working on changing, and it was actually pointed out to me by the team. So I committed to splurging on something that was pure, decadent, luxury - reinforcing to myself that ‘I’m worth it’. 


The opportunity came with my trip to London for the Allergan ‘Train the Trainer’ event, The Allergan Medical Institute. Allergan was paying for my business class flight to London on Singapore Airlines... and when I went to check in, the only counter available was... the first class counter. Flying first class has been on my ‘bucket list’ for a while, so I cheekily asked how much it would be for an upgrade... and was surprised at how reasonable it was!! I upgraded on the spot to the first class suite... and not only did I get one, they gave me a second one to sleep in as the cabin was only half full!! 


It was the most incredible experience, with a choice of Dom Perignon or Krug champagne, caviar, a full 5 course dinner, and a private cabin where you could close the doors and windows. I’d highly recommend it if you ever get the chance!! And it was totally a luxury item ‘just for me’!! It’s amazing the different mindset it gives going through an experience like that - I felt excited and empowered for days and weeks afterwards! I still get a smile on my face when I think about it!! 

Look at all the space!

You don’t have to fly first class to get the same type of feeling, just make a commitment to do something different to your normal patterns, and then make it happen... what can you do that will add a smile to your face every time you think of it? Commit to it... post it on your social media, and tag us @thefaceplacenz (Instagram) or @thefaceplace (Facebook), so you can be held accountable, and then share again when you’ve done it! We’d love to hear how you feel about it!! ❤️


I had a wonderful, busy week in London, with two full days of AMI, sharing ideas with some of the world’s best trainers in our industry; then I presented the ‘Hall of Fame’ awards at the My Face My Body UK Awards evening on Saturday night; gave two talks at the ‘Aesthetic Medicine Live’ conference on Sunday morning; and did a morning clinic seeing some of my favourite London clients on Monday, before flying back home Monday afternoon! I feel so very blessed to have the opportunities that I do for travel, learning, teaching, injecting and basically doing all the things I love!! 

Presenting the prestigiousMFMB 'Hall of Fame' awards.

The following day, presenting at the ‘Aesthetic Medicine Live’ conference.

I came back, and straight into training for the team on Belkyra, the fat melting injections which have only just been launched in New Zealand! It has been approved in NZ for treating the ‘sub mental fat’ - the ‘double chin’ bulge - so we are currently putting it through our trial process. It’s best for people with a moderate bulge of fat just underneath the chin, with no previous surgery in this area and no serious medical conditions. It’s not great for people who are nervous or sensitive, as it’s not the most pleasant procedure, and you can have significant swelling and bruising (think a bullfrog neck!) for several weeks after each treatment.


Patient selection is very important, and we are still looking for another couple of models to determine whether the procedure fits our criteria to be offered in clinic. We know that it is safe, simple, effective, naturally based, non-animal and medically proven. We do the trials to determine if it is a high reward, low risk and good value for money treatment with consistent results. Please contact us via private message on social media with your photos if you’d like to be considered. You will pay a 'model's rate' and in return will approve us using your before and after photos. If you would like to see what goes on during this treatment, you can watch it here. 


You might remember that I flew to LA before Peru to film #themovie with my incredible mindset coach Regan... Regan helps people find their voice, and clarify their messages, and then takes you through how to share these with the world... we have some pretty exciting stuff coming out over the next few months as a result of the work we’ve been doing, so watch this space! 


I feel so honoured to have been asked to be involved, and am excited to announce that it has just been released!! Check it out on this link... you will need to provide your name and email address to see the video, and know that I’m at the end of the video, but there are some fantastic messages throughout #themovie, so it’s worth watching the whole thing!! If you are interested in any of Regan's training, feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with her team. 

A snapshot of where you'll find me!

After an incredibly busy first 3 months of the year, I’m looking forward to being in the country for a couple of months! I’m so proud of my team for doing the most wonderful job while I’m away... we look forward to seeing you in clinic again soon!


Love and hugs always,


Dr Cat 😻

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