News update by Dr Cat - January 2018

Posted on 10/01/2018

News update by Dr Cat - January 2018 name

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! I hope you have had an incredible start to 2018 - we have a very exciting year ahead!

It’s great to be back on board with our amazing team, after having a lovely holiday break. I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends for NYE (pictured), family for Xmas and also catching up on my book writing - it's getting close!

I’ve just been over on the Gold Coast to visit Esteem MediSpa, who won the overall award at the My Face My Body awards, and was one of the 4 clinics, including us, who were inducted into the Hall Of Fame. I was also looking forward to connecting with my friend Mark Magnusson, one of the owners, and winner of the Best Plastic Surgeon award. 


I stayed with friends over the weekend and had organised to visit Monday morning at 9.30am, totally forgetting the time difference from NZ meant that it would be... the same time as our leadership meeting via skype! 


I managed to rearrange the visit to 12pm Local time, getting my friend Eliza to take me there on our way to the Gold Coast Airport, as it was within 5 min of the airport. I turned up at the Gold Coast clinic all ready to have a good look around... and they had no idea I was coming....  I had gone to the wrong clinic!!! 😬 There are 3 Esteem MediSpas, and the one I was meant to be at was in Surfer’s Paradise!! 


I didn’t have time to go to Surfer’s Paradise and back before my flight, so I had a good look around seeing as I was already there. The GC clinic is the smallest, and has been open about 3 years. They use Jane Iredale makeup, and had a big banner outside. They have 5 treatment rooms in a much smaller space than ours, and mainly do beauty therapy (waxing, skin, needling, dermbrasion) and laser, with nurse injectors coming 2 days a week - Wednesday and Friday. 


Me realising I was in the wrong clinic!! 


They use Jane Iredale! 


My best friend Eliza in the waiting room 


The waiting room 



The entrance/frontage from the escalator 


Although I didn’t go to the right place, it wasn’t a wasted trip, as I picked up some good ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing the main MediSpa now!! What a great excuse for another trip to the Gold Coast! 


Unfortunately the year didn’t start off as well as expected for our lovely Marilou - on the first day of the year, while travelling the South Island with her husband Hannche, skidded off the road between Franz Joseph Glacier and Greymouth and into a ravine! We are very lucky that both of them are OK, except that Marilou has broken her left hand and will be in a cast for another 6-8 weeks, so will be off work and then (I imagine) will slowly coming back to full time.


Fortunately it is a slightly quieter time of year, and we have plenty of cover - we have the incredible Emma as our senior nurse who is highly experienced with Botox and fillers, and Kaitlin may be able to increase her hours to cover Botox, PRP and Vampire Facial Plus!


Kaitlin and Sonia are excellent injectors and start their filler training this month. We will prioritise the 8 point lift and fine lines fillers which are the easiest to start with, and also the most popular.


I’m confident we can easily cover Marilou’s appointments over this period with everyone’s help - I’m so grateful we have the extra hands on board that we wouldn’t have had last year, and that Marilou is OK and can focus on getting back to full function!


We have an exciting month ahead with the first Vampire Academy of the year on the 20-21st January, then the following week Emma and I fly to London and Paris for the London Clinic, IMCAS Paris (the biggest conference of the year for our industry - and this year is its 20th anniversary!), and then we will hopefully be joined by Kirshni for a ‘Train the Trainer’ course in London in early February. 


I have been invited to take part in a movie/documentary in LA in mid-February, and will then be going to Peru for another 9 day Plant Medicine retreat. 


We finished 2017 on a high, winning the Best Aesthetic Clinic NZ, and being one of the first clinics inaugurated into the Hall of Fame, as well as some record days, weeks and months. I’m so proud of my team - in the first 2 weeks of December we saw over 200 people a week, and still got incredibly positive feedback in our 2 week customer satisfaction surveys, which is a huge achievement to find that balance when it is so busy! 


We are totally starting the new year with a ‘bang’ - the first 3 months are really exciting, and we have some wonderful projects in the pipeline that we hope to launch this year! 


We are in the final stages of implementing a new practice management software that we hope will upgrade and streamline your experience with online bookings, text reminders, loyalty program and more! Please be patient with us over the next few months as we settle into the new system and iron out the kinks! 


I’m so grateful that we have such an amazing team - with Emma joining us, we now have over 20 people on the team! 


Thank you so much for being part of our ‘Face Place Family’! We couldn’t do it all without your support and patronage. Wishing you so much joy, love and success for 2018! 


Love and hugs,


Dr Cat 😻


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