News update Dr Cat - August 2018

Posted on 30/07/2018

News update Dr Cat - August 2018 name

Take a tribe of over 1000 learning junkies, one whole month in a different country each year, incredible teachers teaching skills we can use in everyday life, and the goal to disrupt the education system and positively impact over 1 BILLION people, and you have the essence of Mindvalley University - affectionately called Mindvalley U, MVU or Mindvalley Campus. Many of you will know that I spent the last month in Estonia, attending the second year of Mindvalley U - unfortunately, I missed last year’s first MVU in Barcelona. I had no idea when I enrolled how intense and diverse the learning would be! And there was a lot of content relevant to both my book and online course, so now that I’m back, I’ll be updating both with all the latest information around biohacking, mindset, exercise, and nutrition. I’ve also met some incredible people that I hope to interview over the next few months, so I can share what I learned with you guys at a much deeper level…


Right now however, I’m excited to share with you a ‘taster’ of what’s coming up, with a  concentrated 5 day mini-course on how to reduce stress, love life more, and grow younger, starting this Saturday with “Taste of Growing Younger"! Please join me where I ’ll be sharing some of the new bio hacks I picked up at Mindvalley U, as well as stress reduction techniques, how to meditate in 5-10 minutes a day, training your subconscious mind to grow younger, and more… If you are busy but want to get even more out of life, while reducing your stress levels, this mini-course is perfect for you! We’ll keep the sessions to 20-30 minutes a day, and they will be recorded, so if you miss any, or want to go back to review them, you can do this at your leisure. Click here if you want to find out more… 


My highlights from MVU included hearing my amazing mindset coach, Regan Hillyer, speaking about how to manifest your ideal reality. I’m so proud that Regan is also a kiwi! She’s not even 30 yet, and has built multiple 7 and 8  figure businesses, travels the world exploring beautiful places and having exciting adventures, has a massive facebook and instagram following, is wise beyond her years, impacts thousands of people and is fascinating to listen to - and she OWNED the MVU stage in her bright yellow dress! Her partner JuanPa Barahona is equally as impressive, with a wealth of knowledge in breathwork, yoga, chinese and ayurvedic medicine, connection and energy. JuanPa spoke on how to be wildly successful. Outside the organised MVU sessions, the two of them were asked by the tribe to hold a powerful Cacao ceremony to manifest our intentions - only 150 people could fit into the arranged yoga studio, and many more were sadly turned away… I’m so grateful I got to go, as the energy of everyone who attended the Cacao ceremony was electric for the next few days, and many rated it as one of the highlights of MVU! You can check out part of Regan's keynote here

Regan speaking!


Estonia is absolutely beautiful, and totally feels like living in a fairytale - especially in the Old Town, and when you get out into the forest. The sun didn’t go down until after midnight, and was often up again at 3am, so we had long days which were jam packed full of intense learning, beautiful social connection, great food and the creation of incredible memories. MVU usually had 2-4 planned teaching sessions a day, and tribe members would also offer to teach informal sessions, so we often had upwards of 20 different options of teaching sessions in a day! Some of my favourite sessions were organised by the tribe - Regan and JuanPa’s Cacao ceremony, a tantra connection workshop, ecstatic dance session, podcasting workshop, and my absolute favourite - an overnight trip to the forest where we visited a waterfall, swam in a bog, did a group breathwork exercise, and experienced a traditional Estonian log sauna, and ended the night toasting marshmallows on the embers of the fire. I got a bit of a shock when I turned up to the sauna in my bikini, and realised that over half of the 20+ people already in the sauna were naked! It took about 30 min before I decided to join them, and was my first experience of being publicly naked (yes, I’m actually a prude!). It was surprisingly freeing, and so much fun when we went and jumped in the gorgeous little stream outside the sauna to cool down and had water fights in the moonlight!



So breathtakingly beautiful! 


Some of the incredible souls I met... check out that sunset!


Another interesting adventure was exploring a fitness training program called ‘10x’ which only takes 30 minutes of gym training a week! The concept involves lifting very heavy weights in a specific way, using mindset and visualisation exercises, and only doing one 1.5-2 min set for each of 5 exercises, which takes you to failure for each exercise. I did the 3 week course where we also learned how to use bodyweight training if we didn’t have access to gym weights. Over the 3 weeks, my strength definitely increased significantly, and not just in the muscle groups we were training. This style of training is designed to increase hormone production, overall strength and cardiovascular fitness, while reducing the risk of injury, as it uses very controlled movements. They claim it helps with how you look, the appearance of your skin, and improving stress as well, although I haven’t had long enough using to program to see these changes… yet!



One of the favourite books I read last year was ‘Stealing Fire’ by Steve Kottler and Jamie Wheal, so I was excited to hear Steve Kottler’s talk, based on the concepts in the book. Steve is passionate about exploring Ultimate Human Performance, specifically looking at ‘flow states’ - those periods of intense creativity, connection and ecstasy where we experience massive productivity, team work and complete concentration. CEO’s who experience only 2 days a week of flow are 1000x more effective and productive than their competitors. During a flow state, 5 of the most potent neurochemicals in the brain are released, increasing productivity up to 500% - and this may be the only time the brain produces all 5 at once - romantic love, for example, is mainly adrenaline and oxytocin. Flow states also increase your ability to learn and retain skills by 200-400%. Interestingly, when we are in flow, time disappears - I’ve realised that I’ll often click into flow when I’m doing a filler treatment or initial consultation (which is why I tend to run over, as the time passes in the blink of an eye!).


Steve reported that surfers will often experience flow when they ‘become one with the ocean’, and flow states have been used to help treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and are now being explored to help with anxiety and depression, as well as increasing productivity and creativity. The good news is that flow is highly trainable, and there is a quiz on his website where you can explore your ‘flow superpowers’ and the best ways for you to get into flow… he also asked a very interesting question - what would you do/achieve in your life if you were 500x more productive??


One of the big achievements we are excited and honoured to share is the upcoming launch of our Takapuna branch, gently nestled into the second floor of Tapauna's beautiful luxury haven - The Department Store. We hope to open the doors in late September/early October, just in time for our busiest time of year. We are absolutely thrilled with the space, and some of the phenomenal people who are joining our team. We will have a good mix of existing and new team members at both clinics, and have been delighted at the positive response from our clients - thank you for your wonderful support!

We received keys yesterday! 


We have also had fantastic support from clients for our Sustainable Salons status - where we are making great progress in reducing the waste sent to landfill by 50-70%, and the proceeds of our recycling go to help feed people less fortunate than us. We are using up the standard gloves and our beautiful white glossy TFP bags - rather than throwing them out, which would be wasteful - and will be moving to our biodegradable gloves and recyclable bags once they have been used up. Our white glossy bags are actually great to re-use multiple times rather than throwing them out - my mum used one as her handbag for 4 months when she lost her bag!! This month we will automatically be charging the $2 ‘green fee’ at each visit, which is your contribution to our sustainability efforts. This is a standard fee charged by Sustainable Salons to every hair salon, pet groomer and beauty spa that becomes a Sustainable Salon, however if you would not like to contribute to saving the planet, please let us know when you go to pay, and we will pay it for you. Almost every client I have spoken to about it has been excited to be able to contribute, and delighted that we have taken the initiative to improve our footprint on the earth.


Father’s Day is coming up, so we wanted the celebrate all the men in our life (not just our dad’s, although dad’s are amazing and important!) and showcase some of the treatments that men often request. Men usually come for treatment with a more general goal of something similar to ‘I want to look less tired and stressed’, compared with women who will often have very specific concerns that they want addressed. Motivators also often tend to be different for men, with many choosing to have treatments to help them look good in their career, advance to a new position, or correct something that affects their confidence, such as excessive sweating or hair loss. I have to giggle that the term ‘Brotox’ is now in common use - my ex fiancé Ritchie and his friends used to joke about coming for their ‘Brotox’ treatments almost 15 years ago!! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram as we showcase some of our male-client results. 


I’m so grateful to you for all of your support for our innovations and new projects, and for allowing me to adventure around the world finding new concepts to bring back to the team. I know that sometimes it means I’m hard to get an appointment with, however I’m so proud of our incredible team, who just continue to get better and grow more cohesive every time I go away. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a supportive team and wonderful clients. We are looking forward to being able to serve you in our new location, and until then, I hope you have the most incredible month!


Big hugs and loads of love,


Dr Cat

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