News Update Dr Cat - January 2019

Posted on 15/01/2019

News Update Dr Cat - January 2019 name

Happy New Year! Golly, are we halfway through January already!?


I hope that 2019 has started well for you...and you managed to take some time over the break to reflect on the last year, as well as your hopes, dreams and aspirations for 2019!


How are you feeling about last year? Did you achieve everything you had hoped to? Or was it one of those years where nothing went to plan, and you’re glad that it’s over? Are you feeling positive coming into 2019? Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? Or are you kinder to yourself and set looser ‘intentions’? What do you want to transform this year? Your health? Your confidence? Your career? Your body? Your face? Your skin? Your hormones? Your relationships? Your motivation?


Last year was an incredible year for me, and for the business, with a huge amount of travel, growth and development, culminating in the launch of our new Takapuna Clinic, some incredible additions to our amazing team, and the launch of my first book!


I have a tradition every year that on, or around, the 1st of January, I take a full day to reflect on the year that has been, what we have achieved, what we have learned', and what intentions and ideas do I get to bring into the new year.

Enjoying the sun! 


This year I was fortunate to be in Hawaii, on the ‘Garden Island’ of Kauai, celebrating the wedding of my friends Dan and Michael over the NYE period, so found a beautiful little spot on the grass, next to the ocean, under a couple of palm trees, to really reflect and plan, setting my intentions for the year, visualising my ideal life, and being just so grateful for everything that has already shown up as amazing in my world (and there was a LOT of gratitude!)

Dan and Michael’s wedding party on the beach in Kauai


My quiet spot for journalling on New Year’s Day


The locals collecting coconuts at sunset 


Most exciting for me this month is the launch of our 1:1 personal transformation days, where for a few selected clients, I get to spend a full day transforming you - inside and out - with a personalised plan tailored to help you be the best possible version of yourself, using all the tools that I’ve gathered over the last 20 years that have helped me shape my life today into something that most people only dream of.


In addition to cosmetic changes with injectables and your skin health plan, you’ll receive a variety of tools tailored to your inner needs, to assist with anything from mindset to nutrition, personal fitness to productivity, meditation to goal setting, stress reduction to hormone balancing, sexual enhancement to connecting with soul, business coaching to life balance, and so much more!


We will plan your day together to ensure you get the best value out of every moment, and while I will be guiding you through the whole day, we also get to utilise some of my favourite experts in areas where I feel you will benefit most from them, and bring it all together in a fun and easy to understand way. You’ll leave transformed, and with a plan for the next six months that takes your transformation to the next level!


This 1:1 transformation day is not for everybody - you must be ready to make significant changes both physically and emotionally, and willing to implement the tools that we tailor for you. There will be home-work to do both before and after your personal day with me, and a follow up process to support your implementation, as I want you to maximise your results!


I can only accommodate a few people each year, so we have limited it to just five spaces this year. If you are interested, please register by replying to this email and simply saying 'Yes, I am interested'. My team will send further details out about how to apply shortly. I’ll be personally selecting the top candidates later in the month, and we can then send you more information about what’s involved, available dates, and your next steps!

Further details will be released soon! 


If you’re not ready for a full 1:1 transformation day, but have decided that after the festivities of Christmas and NYE you’d like to modify your relationship with food to lose weight, be more productive, have more energy or balance out those crazy hormones, I’d highly recommend booking with our lovely holistic nutritionist, Jess (Wellness by Jessica)!


Jess is based at our Takapuna Clinic, and also does Skype consults, so you have a choice to either come see her in person, or Skype in from the comfort of your own home! A lot of us on the team have now been to see Jess for advice, and I love how easy and attainable her recommendations are, and that I can still eat chocolate and ice cream!  I’m incredibly passionate about food, and how food is medicine, so have read a LOT in this area and consider myself pretty knowledgeable - and I still learned SOOOOO MUCH about healthy nutrition in even our first consultation.


I’m also letting the ‘cat out of the bag’ a little (excuse the pun!), but for those of you who suffer from acne, psoriasis or eczema, next month we’ll be launching a unique holistic team approach where we combine dermatological medical assessment from Dr Jenni, with nutritional advice from Jess, and a skin health plan with our lovely medical skin therapist Bhavna. As they are all based at Takapuna, this incredible team can work together on your concerns to coordinate the best path forward for you... watch this space! (Or feel free to reply to this email and register your interest so you can be one of the first once this service is available!)


There are lots more exciting things happening this year, and I have another big year of travel, so I’ll definitely keep you up to date in this blog as we go through the year.


One tool I’d love to leave you with - if you haven’t already, the next time you have a spare 15-30 minutes, instead of switching on the TV or picking up a book, maybe envision yourself this time next year, and write down all the wonderful things that happened over 2019 (as though it has all just happened to you). You can write it as story, you can do bullet points, you can even draw pictures if you want to, whatever feels right to you, but as you write about each wonderful thing that happened to you this year, really feel it as though it happened, see and feel it vividly, and be just soooo grateful for the wonderful experience it was and/or everything it brought for you. Be curious about how it might happen, but be unattached to it happening. Then just let it all go and forget about it...


I’m excited to see what happens for all of us this year!


Have an incredible first month of 2019,


Loads of love and blessings for a happy and successful year,


Dr Cat 😻😘🎉❤️




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