News Update Dr Cat- March 2019

Posted on 05/03/2019

News Update Dr Cat- March 2019 name

You might have noticed me pop up on your telly last week on NewsHub (prime time TV3!), talking about the need for better regulation of dermal fillers in NZ. If you missed it live, you can check it out on the replay here


Only a few years ago, Medsafe downgraded dermal fillers from a prescription medicine to a ‘medical device’, which means that anyone can now inject them, even if they don’t have any form of medical training. 


What’s frightening about that is that Fillers - if placed incorrectly - are potentially the most dangerous of the injectable treatments we provide (as all of you who have sat through a filler education and consent will remember! Botox consent is a breeze in comparison!) 


When we consult and consent for dermal fillers, we tend to terrify you with the very rare risks of skin necrosis and blindness - both of which are due to blocking a blood vessel, with is both preventable and treatable - with HA fillers administered by a trained and experienced professional. 


We also discuss the recognition and management of these problems - and because we ONLY use HA fillers at The Face Place, we have a good chance of unblocking the blood vessel by dissolving the filler with hyalase. 


Recognising there is a problem is key to managing these complications, which is why we are planning to offer Hyalase training for cosmetic injectors in the wider industry over the coming months. 


Each small group training session will be very practical, with clinicians getting hands on experience in preparing and injecting hyalase, training on how to recognise when there is a problem, reviewing the latest protocols for blindness and blocked blood vessel, and drawing up the correct amounts for different concerns.  They will be able to take home all the consent forms, paperwork and latest protocols, so that it’s easy for them to integrate into their practice. If you have friends in the industry who might be interested, please let them know! 


We are seeing more and more ‘duck lips’ and weird fillers coming in to get hyalase treatment, and it seems to be due to the opening of big chain clinics in the malls which are offering cheaper pricing, but have less well trained staff who have KPI’s to meet, and just put as much product as possible into people’s faces! 


If you’ve been watching my social media, we also had a lady who injected her face with an HA product bought off the internet. Most of you rightly commented about how crazy it was, but it highlights the lack of education in the general public outside our client base. In this instance, she was lucky - we managed to resolve her reaction to the product over about a week (well done, Dr Jenni!), but she could very easily have been injecting a product that could cause permanent disfigurement. 


We often make filler treatments look fun and effortless, but there is a significant amount of training to get to this level! Dermal filler is the LAST injectable that our clinicians get trained in, as it requires the highest level of skill, injecting experience, and understanding of anatomy. 


Any one of these is a good reason to increase the regulation and required training for providing dermal fillers, but when you combine them together, I’m sure you can see why I’m passionate about dermal fillers having more stringent regulations, and that we need more hands-on, practical training within the industry - both in how to administer fillers, and how to manage potential complications! 



On a positive note, we are sooooo excited to officially launch the new skin boosting, skin conditioning, injectable hydrating treatment... Volite... into our practice! We have been playing with Volite at TFP since October last year - as part of the Allergan training faculty, I got to play with it early, well before the official launch in Australia last week. 

Nurse Sonia treating my decolletage


We are even more lucky, as Dr Jenni has had extensive experience with it in South Africa, and was one of the first trainers in South Africa to get to play with it, alongside our lovely mutual friend Dr Izolda Heydenrych, who is now one of Allergan’s key global trainers for Volite! 

Dr Jenni presenting on why skin conditioning is important 

Dr Jenni has been training our team., so if you would like to get plumper, hydrated and glowing skin, give the team a call (or reply to this email) and we can make an appointment to see if Volite might be right for you! 

Dr Jenni demonstrating on my neck 

I’ll be off traveling again at the end of this month, heading to an advanced speaker training academy in the Dominican Republic, where I’ll be creating my keynote speeches with the guidance of a mentor who I believe to be one of the best speakers I’ve heard on the stage. From there I fly to Monaco for AMWC, arguably the largest conference for our industry in the world. Over 10,000 people are expected to attend this year! Keep an eye on my social channels to see what I learn. 


Then across to the UK to see my Northern Hemisphere clients at my London Clinic, held at my friend Raj Acquilla’s clinic in Mayfair. 


It has been so lovely being in NZ more than six weeks, especially for the summer - usually I would have been in cold and snowy Paris and London over this time, so it’s been lovely to enjoy the sunshine, and taking my work down to the beach... especially with the Takapuna clinic so close to Takapuna beach! 


As the days get shorter and cooler, please make sure you take some time to replenish your soul...


Wishing you another wonderful month! 


Big hugs, 


Dr Cat 😻😘


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