News Update Dr Cat - May 2019

Posted on 01/05/2019

News Update Dr Cat - May 2019 name

This month, we have been putting the finishing touches on book number 2, “Grow Younger With Great Food” - which is chock full of delicious recipes for easy, healthy, nourishing food, as well as great advice on how to use ‘food as medicine’ to grow yourself younger!


This is not your average recipe book! We talk hormones, libido, and how to adjust your eating for optimum health depending on what decade you’re in. Our incredible holistic nutritionist, @wellnessbyjessica, has done the lion’s share of putting this book together... Some people say that writing a book is like having a baby, in terms of the creative gestation period. Using this analogy, I jokingly say that if this book was a baby, I’d be the dad - having the seed of an idea at the beginning and then stepping into a supportive role, as Jessica has done the majority of the hard work of developing and growing it, just like a pregnant mama!


A behind the scenes look at one of our delicious recipes.


Jessica has spent most of the last couple of weeks organising all the photos of the recipes, working on the photo shoot and styling during the day, and then up late at night cooking the recipes for the following day. I’m also grateful to our incredible food stylist, Jo Wilcox, and photographer Melanie Jenkins.


Yay we are done!

We had a wonderful day shooting the ‘people’ photos for the book on the Monday after I got back from Monaco, including our gorgeous cover shots... a big thank you to our makeup artist @nataliedenthairandmakeup for helping us look fab, and to our wonderful skin therapist Bhavna, who came in on her day off to help style us and give us feedback. It has been such a wonderful team effort, and I’m proud of the high quality book that is coming together. I can’t wait to share it with you!


Jess, Jo, Melanie and myself, celebrating a great days work.


The book will launch in September - it still has editing, formatting, and printing to go through, but we are soooo excited to give you a sneak peak of the book, that we’ve included a special link to register for some of the first copies when we launch, and also some extra-special bonuses! Sign up here.  


Keep an ear out on The Hits breakfast show Friday morning, where I’ll be chatting about some of the interesting things I learned at AMWC in Monaco - one of our industry’s biggest conferences. One of the interesting topics was the rise of cosmetic procedures in millennials, and the increasing incidence of ‘selfiitis’ (the compulsive taking of selfies) and Snapchat dysmorphia (where people come in requesting to look like they do in their Snapchat filters). The human mind is fascinating! 


As a clinician, I’m excited about the launch of Volux - the newest and stiffest product of the Juvederm range - which is being touted as the new best thing for defined chins and jawlines. Unfortunately we won’t get this product in NZ until later this year or even next year, but a lot of my friends who are trainers in the UK and South Africa are playing with it now, so we’ll be able to learn from them what it’s best for, and what to avoid! 


Please keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks to sign the petition for better regulation of dermal fillers in NZ. There is currently a submission that has been put in to government asking for better regulation and training for those providing fillers, and we need your help to keep the public safe from unlicensed, untrained injectors - who could not only make people look weird (giving the whole industry a bad name, and making your friends and family believe that fillers do this, when it’s actually the injector), but also have the potential to cause permanent blindness, scarring or loss of tissue if they don’t know how to recognise and treat a blocked blood vessel. It’s something I’m passionate about - and I’m picking you wouldn’t want your mother, sister, friend or husband being affected because they didn’t know what to look for in an injector. 


Mother’s day is just around the corner, and so it’s time to start dropping hints that a TFP voucher is on your wishlist - or it could be a lovely gift for a mum that you love and appreciate. The team do such a beautiful job of presenting it - you don’t even need wrapping!


Speaking of mums, our lovely Nursing Team Leader, Emma, is heading way on maternity leave this month. It’s not been the easiest pregnancy for her, so we hope that the birth and the first months after her baby boy are born are smooth sailing to make up for it! We will definitely let you know when Emma is easing back into work again... for now it may be around December/January, but as those of you who are mums already know, it will depend on her gorgeous little man..


We are sad that our lovely skin therapist, Irina, is flying off to Canada to live, but so excited for her and her family in their next adventure! Irina has been an exceptional employee, and a favourite amongst her clients... we will miss her so much!


Finally, a massive congratulations to Kaitlin, who did a beautiful - subtle but significant - filler treatment for the gorgeous Shaaanxo, NZ’s biggest influencer! Treating someone who is already very beautiful is one of the hardest things to do with injectables, as it only takes a mm in the wrong place for them to start looking weird. Add in the pressure of treating someone who has millions of people looking at their face every day - phew! You did so well honey - Shannon is thrilled, and she looks amazing. The perfect example of a beautification ‘Tweakment’!


So many exciting things are happening (as usual)... I hope you have the most fabulous month and look forward to seeing you in clinic soon!


Dr Cat 😻 xx




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