News update Dr Cat - September 2018

Posted on 05/09/2018

News update Dr Cat - September 2018 name

Photo: me in one of the art pieces, with ‘The Orb’ behind me  - you can see more photos on my Instagram @drcatstone 


Wow, it’s spring again already! I love it when the seasons start to turn towards summer again, and I hope that September is starting well for you. 


I’ve just arrived back from an incredible week at Burning Man in the Nevada desert. Over 70,000 people from around the globe attend this social experiment of a temporary city in the middle of one of the world's harshest landscapes. The focus is on community, gifting, art and music; with 10 guiding principles including radical self reliance, shameless self expression, and ‘leave no trace’. During the 9 days of Burning Man, Black Rock City - formed from tents, RV’s and space-age tents called ‘Shiftpods’ - is the 3rd largest city in Nevada, after Las Vegas and Reno. 

Photo: me getting ready to go ‘off the grid’ for 7 days into the desert


Photo: The beginnings of Black Rock City in the distance - taken from the Burner Express Plane. I flew in as it takes about 10-16 hours to drive your RV in during the first couple of days! 


One of the key differences of Burning Man is that it is based around gifting - no money changes hands on the playa, so everyone brings in thoughtful gifts that are likely to have a positive impact, with no expectation of return. 


My first experience as I got off the tiny charter plane into Black Rock City airport was a big hug and a delicious warm freshly baked chocolate chip cookie from a woman dressed as a unicorn! As a newbie/burner virgin I then had to do a ‘sand-angel’ in the dust, and ring the bell, while declaring that ‘I am no longer a virgin’ - a ritual that I missed out on last year when I attended for just the final 2 days! 


Photo: Me doing my ‘newbie dust angel’


The community is highly inclusive, and you quickly strike up conversations with people you don’t yet know... and develop deep connections very quickly. Many people find the experience life-changing in multiple ways. On my birthday, I met a group who will be friends for life - we quickly became known as the ‘hahahas’ because we couldn’t stop laughing with each other!

Photo: Some of the ‘hahaha’s’ when we watched sunrise for my birthday


Photo: some of our crew from our camp 


Everyone bikes around or you can ride an ‘art car’ or mutant vehicle, most of which are incredible works of art themselves. 

Photo: bikes and some of the smaller art cars


One of my favourite moments with The Hahaha’s was getting caught in a sandstorm on the night of my birthday, and huddling up in our masks and goggles next to this neon art piece:


We ended up in an interesting and hilarious discussion about what the world would be like if we took the values of Burning Man back to the ‘real world’ - gifting, supporting each other, full inclusiveness with no judgement - and no MOOP. MOOP stands for Matter Out Of Place - or any form of rubbish - which everyone meticulously picks up, even down to pieces of glitter, a feather, or a human hair. 


While hot and dusty, BM was one of the most pristine places I’ve seen in terms of no rubbish around, especially considering the number of people attending. I was so impressed!


Prior to attending Burning Man, I had a wonderful week in Bali, celebrating my best friend Eliza’s 40th birthday, with some of my closest friends who I have known for almost 20 years! 


Photo: Bestie Birthday Week in Bali. - Eliza’s 40th was the 16th August, Josh and Will the 25th, Anna the 28th, and me the 29th. We had a wonderful week of celebration! 


As a side note - Bali was nowhere near as pristine as Burning Man, with the beaches covered in plastic bags, cans and other rubbish - which was a timely reminder of how important it is to start caring for our planet! 


I have come home filled up with love, joy, spiritual fulfillment and a deep sense of community and purpose, which is great, as we have a massive 4 months ahead of us, including:


🌟 I’m a judge for the American My Face My Body Awards alongside Dr Paul Nassif (from the TV program ‘Botched’), and will be presenting an award at the awards dinner in Beverly Hills in November;


🌟 Vampire Academy - our 2 day course, training doctors and nurses in the Vampire Treatments;


🌟 the launch of my book ‘Grow Younger And More Beautiful As You Age’ (you can pre-register here, and we’ll let you know when it launches so you can be one of the first to purchase it);


🌟 meetings with the founders of Sustainable Salons, to start exploring how we can reduce medical and sharps waste - hopefully, an initiative that can impact the whole medical community.  With the news that China will no longer take our landfill, it’s becoming even more important that we improve environmental sustainability initiatives, increase recycling, and reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill. You can hear SS co-founder Paul interviewed by Carly Flynn on Radio Live to learn more about what Sustainable Salons is all about here.


🌟 we have been nominated for an APAC Best In Business Award, which is really exciting and will take some work over the next few weeks-months. 


🌟 a trip for me to Peru for another plant medicine retreat; and 


🌟 the fit out and launch of the new Takapuna branch, including some exciting new team members! 


It looks likely that our Takapuna branch will open at the end of October/beginning of November, so we will keep you informed of progress! 


This month in our newsletter, we are talking about the importance of reducing lines but not obliterating them, and why this is even more important in men - check out our video on ‘Brotox’, and see why! 


Lauren’s blog on pigmentation explains why pigmentation forms, the different types of pigmentation, and options for treatment - it’s worth reading! Remember that we stop providing IPL treatments in October/November (as you need to be out of the sun for a month before and after each treatment), and you need to prep your skin for a month prior, so if you are considering IPL this year, you need to book ASAP


I’m home now for a couple of months and looking forward to catching up with my amazing clients. I’m so eternally grateful for you, and for our phenomenal team, and that you all allow me to go and explore the world, bring back new ideas, and fill my cup to overflowing, so I can pour energy and creativity back into you, and our amazing business! 


Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


And remember, Growing Younger is a choice you can make every day! 


Have an incredible month, I hope you feel inspired by the spring air, and we look forward to seeing you in clinic soon!


Loads of love and hugs,


Dr Cat 😻😘

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