Nurse Marilou's Top 5 'gems' from 2018 global conference!

Posted on 01/05/2018

Nurse Marilou's Top 5 'gems' from 2018 global conference! name

My sincerest gratitude goes out to Dr. Catherine Stone for giving our senior medical team the privilege to attend another world-class 2-day conference in Sydney – the annual Australasian Medical Aesthetic Conference (AMAC).  It was two full days packed with advanced Botox and Dermal Filler trainings and live demonstrations conducted by several world-leading cosmetic practitioners. It was truly one of the most outstanding conferences we attended this year!  The whole experience aligns with The Face Place’s thrust to constantly be receptive to the cosmetic industry’s best practices to always be number one in what we do. 

My gorgeous medical team!

Allergan, the company behind Botox ®, did a wonderful job in bringing together the world’s top notch Doctors with their live demos of their innovative cutting-edge presentations. We had Doctor Mauricio de Maio from Brazil, who is the 'rockstar' in the realm of cosmetic medicine, and several other global superstars like Doctor Jonquille Chantrey and Doctor Tapan Patel


Let me share my top 5 'take-home gems' from this year’s AMAC:


  1. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin - They're all muscle relaxers, but are really not the same! 

These are all great products in their own right. However, studies show that these 3 products present differences in results. These differences are brought about by the way these products are manufactured. Each one’s manufacturing process is different, and as a consequent, the end product is different, dependent on the manufacturing process implemented.

For instance, Dysport uses a different measurement of units compared to Botox. If a patient is used to a certain number of Botox units for a treatment, they will likely need to increase the number of units when switching to Dysport.


  1. Can I develop Antibodies to Botox?

16 clinical studies monitored antibody formation in 2240 individuals, with trial durations from 4 months to 4.2 years. 8 of those studies were randomized, double-blind, and placebo controlled.  The remaining 8 were open-label.  These studies were administered by injecting cosmetic doses of Botox in the Glabellar (frown) lines and the Crow's feet lines. The long term followup showed no negative in antibody formation.  Based on the results of these studies, the likelihood of developing antibodies to Botox in cosmetic doses is very rare. Antibodies have been seen in the much higher doses used medically such as for cervical dystonia (neck spasm) and spasticity. 


  1. Seeing Doctor Mauricio de Maio in action

He is like a rockstar in cosmetic medicine. Dr. Mauricio formulated the MD Codes, a systematic approach in the assessment and application of dermal fillers. He presented the latest techniques which will produce results comparable to results you get from surgery, without having to experience the downtime.

He showcased the Total Face Approach – a holistic approach to injecting dermal filler.

The MD codes he developed works under 3 guidelines – Foundation, Contour, and Refinement.

He likens the face to a house. To build a good house you need to have a solid foundation.When you have established a good foundation, you can then build the walls or the contour. To make the house beautiful and cozy, you add the vases, furnishings, and all the refinements. Making renovations in one area can sometimes mean having to restructure another area of the house to accomplish the desired effect. You might want to change the structure of your nasolabial folds, but we might need to rebuild the mid-cheek to achieve the desired overall result.

This is an invaluable insight that’s essential for me to help my clients understand. I need to get a clear picture of what motivates my client in seeking treatments, and what it is exactly they want to achieve, so I can devise a holistic plan using the total face approach, and endeavor to hopefully exceed their expected outcomes.


  1. Say “Au Revoir” to a double chin

Allergan, the company behind Botox, has developed a ground-breaking product called Belkyra. It is a new injectable treatment that appears to be promising in the reduction of the dreaded double chin. Belkyra is a synthetic deoxycholic acid that has been recently approved my MedSafe NZ for the removal of “submental fullness” or the pad of fat underneath the chin. Submental fullness is a condition which can be caused by several factors – some of which are genetics, weight gain, and age. Until recently, invasive surgical procedures like liposuction were the only effective treatment options for reducing double chin. Belkyra treats a double chin without surgery, anesthesia, or the unwanted downtime from surgery, making it an excellent alternative treatment of choice. It is safe, permanent, and non-surgical.


  1. It’s not a lot, it’s a miracle

Doctor Mauricio’s MD codes presents a new perspective on the amount of dermal fillers that can be used in one patient’s face.No one wants to look “overdone” and thus most cosmetic professionals apply utmost caution in avoiding to use too many syringes.The MD codes showcase a structured approach that would lead to remarkably natural looking results. He pointed out that 16 syringes was not a lot of product as we used to think, as these 16 syringes would actually amount to only 1 tablespoon (see picture below). Doing a lot of syringes in one sitting can potentially be financially challenging to some. Hence, the proposed idea is to spread the treatments over the duration of one year. You may probably do 3-4 sessions in that time frame with 4 syringes each visit.This will ensure a subtle progression over time which will produce results that are noticeable but natural without being “too loud”.

Image source: Dr Mauricio De Maio

Image source: Dr Mauricio De Maio 


Image source: Dr Mauricio De Maio 


At The Face Place, it’s our daily habit to provide our clients with world-class products and services, and so we strive to continuously educate ourselves with the latest innovations and ground-breaking techniques in cosmetic medicine. Thank you for joining us in this journey as we grow beautifully together.


Your Senior Cosmedicine Nurse,





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