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Posted on 27/02/2020

Progressive not aggressive name

The most positive, long-term changes in the skin come from feeding it with good, topical nutrition. By contrast, treatments that force the skin into repair through trauma without nutritional support will at its worst have a negative outcome and at best have a very short-term effect. Many treatment modalities rely on a wounding effect and the skin’s subsequent natural repair process, including eventual collagen production. Increased collagen production leads to skin thickening that will help reduce fine lines, reduce pore size and improve general skin texture.

Unfortunately, UV-exposed skin (which basically applies to all of us, particularly in the areas such as face, neck and backs of hands) is classed as chronically impaired in essential nutrients, including vitamin A and C. When these vitamins are not replaced on the skin, it cannot be healthy. To clarify, it doesn’t matter what treatments you have - if it’s not supported by active skincare it will not give you optimum results and nor will it be long-lasting.

A good analogy would be going to the gym once a month but not supporting your body with good nutrition and expecting positive change. Vitamins are the catalyst in your body to initiate cell metabolism and repair. This theory also applies to your skin - it needs nurturing with vitamins to maintain normal, healthy cell function and better protect itself from further environmental damage. In addition, Vitamin A is one of the few mediums we have that help reverse damage in the skin cell by correcting DNA mutations. Again, whatever standalone treatments you have will not help reverse damage in the skin.

My approach is fundamentally nutritionally based and adopts a progressive, not aggressive theory. Initially we will assess your skin condition and prescribe the appropriate topical skincare for your individual needs. From there it is generally a month preparation period using the home care before will we consider doing treatment. The purpose of this is that the level of active skincare we use implements enough activity alone and will be making considerable, tangible change. When you return for treatment your skin will be healthy and more resilient.

Our treatments are an extension of this progressive, nutritional approach - we often start with regular peels, but they may not be what you expect a peel to be. We use what are termed as metabolic peels, which are about making cell changes, not just exfoliating the skin for the sake of it. We will often prepare the skin with low level lactic peels which are hydrating and mildly exfoliating, this makes the skin more receptive to home care and subsequent peels. Our goal is to progress you to Vitamin A peels of varying strengths to repair damage, normalise cell function and decongest the skin. As Vitamin A treats the skin holistically and is helpful with any skin condition, it is appropriate for everyone. What level of Vitamin A or strength is the key factor when your therapist is addressing your skin concern - varying skin conditions will initially require different doses of Vitamin A to start.

We will progressively increase the activity of the peels each visit. This approach controls and lessens side effects, with the goal being not to create too much inflammation. Inflammation does create repair and collagen, but it needs to be in a controlled way and kept to a minimum. 

The ultimate message when it comes to your skin is feed, nurture, change.

From your Skin Team Leader,

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