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Posted on 31/07/2018

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Men have been a significant proportion of our client base since we first opened.

Generally, Men have thicker skin and naturally maintain higher levels of vitamin A which is fundamental to skin health and protection. Although women have naturally lower collagen levels they have more subcutaneous fat beneath the skin to help maintain body temperature, they also sustain these levels of collagen for longer until menopause, unlike men who experience a progressive decline from early on. Men may also experience more issues with acne due to more sebum production from higher levels of the hormone Androgen. Compared to women, men may also experience increased redness in later life (as women’s skins are better at vasoconstriction to retain body heat). For some men this may progress to rosacea, evidenced by flushing, redness and sometimes pustules. Men tend to also experience deeper lines and more under eye sagging. These physiological differences are influenced by genetics and hormones meaning that men and women age differently.

Although these internal influences are fundamental to the way we age, we must remember the huge impact our external environment has on the skin and our lifestyles will predominantly dictate aging, whether we are male or female. High levels of stress, UV exposure, alcohol, and poor diet affect the skin significantly, and men are sometimes exposed to more of all of these, so it is just as important that men take care of their skin.

Other than trying to avoid stress and toxins in the body, the best thing you can do is feed the skin with good active skin care that contains vitamins A, B and C; and further protect from UV with hats and regular reapplication of sunscreen.

We’ve noted some great products, to begin with, that we use for male skin below, but as you are all unique, you will need to have a 1 hour skin assessment before buying any products so we can ensure you have the products that are specifically tailored to you.




Aspect Doctor Deep Facial Cleanser 100ml

Aspect Deep clean    

PCA Weightless Protection SPF 45

PCA Weightless Protection 


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