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Team Spotlight: Camille name

Registered nurse Camille Belle started with The Face Place in March of 2020. Here she gives us a little peek into her world.


What brought you to The Face Place and a job in cosmetic medicine? 

I studied nursing with the desire to branch into the cosmetic industry. I am passionate about aesthetic nursing as it combines two of my interests - beauty and science. I enjoy making people feel good about themselves. I feel incredibly lucky to begin my cosmetic career with The Face Place as I truly am learning from the best in the business. Originally, I was client of TFP because they promote enhancement of beauty and use aesthetic medicine in a subtle yet effective way so it only seemed fitting to work for a company that shares the same values as myself. 


What was your nursing background before that? 

I have worked in elective surgical in a private hospital for the past four years. I work across general surgical and orthopaedic (I still currently work here alongside The Face Place.) I enjoy the diversity of the two different jobs as working in surgical still allows me to care for the unwell and injured. I feel I have the best of both worlds with the two different areas of nursing, one caters to my nurturing/caring side and the other to my beauty/fashion side, with both jobs providing job satisfaction in allowing me to make a difference in people’s lives in their own ways. 


What was your first job?  

I was a hair stylist for 12 years. I love meeting new people and wanted a job I could travel with. Hairdressing appealed to my creative side and passion for fashion. I enjoyed meeting new people from all around the world and keeping up with the new trends in hair and the beauty industry. 

I stopped styling and cutting my family and friends hair a couple of years ago as I solely have a passion for nursing now and have closed the door on my Hairdressing career. I do still cut my own hair though which is a handy skill to have! 


As a hairstylist, your clients leave the salon feeling great and looking good. How is that similar to what you are doing now at TFP? 

I love making a positive difference in people’s lives to make them feel better about themselves and increase their confidence and self esteem. I love seeing my clients coming back after treatment looking fresh-faced and confident (that’s my favourite part!) and I feel a sense of joy that I played a part in their beauty journey and helping them to feel good about themselves. 


What has been your best customer feedback?

I often get feedback that I make people feel at ease in my company and comfortable to tell me anything. I believe developing a trusting relationship with my patients is the most important first step to a therapeutic patient/nurse relationship, especially when it comes to injectables and creating a safe and comfortable environment for treatment. 


What do you like doing in your free time?

I am really into my health and fitness. I enjoy pilates, yoga and weight training. I am outgoing on the weekends - I love to get out and explore our beautiful country, hiking, etc. I also am a massive foodie, I practice the 80/20 rule for my health when it comes to nutrition so 20 percent of the time I enjoy dining out with friends and satisfying my sweet tooth! (especially with Giapo icecream😉) 


What are you enjoying most about working at The Face Place? 

The team! I love the TFP family. It’s the people that make the place! I also love learning from the best in the business and of course getting to try out all of the newest innovative products and treatments - perks of the job! 


What's your skincare regime?

My favourite treatment is the Healite - I really notice a significant change with regular use. Products wise I use Aspect Dr Deep Clean cleanser, Multi B and Active C serums. I use Cosmedix Refine at night.  I use the Cosmedix Peptide Rich Defense as a day moisturiser and sunscreen. For makeup the Jane Iredale mineral powder foundation is my go-to as it has buildable coverage and is a foundation that is actually good for the skin! Plus I recommend good hydration and regular exercise 😊 


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