The Science behind the makeup that's good for you

Posted on 28/04/2019

The Science behind the makeup that's good for you name

Why use mineral make-up?

As a clinic focused on skin health and giving our clients the best education, it’s important we look at every aspect of skin to ensure optimum results. What we do with our skin every day is fundamental to making positive long-term change and reducing future damage.

Our skin is a barrier that protects everything else inside the body, but it must be semi permeable to allow the skin to function; especially regulating body temperature and excreting toxins or waste products. This semi permeability means that substances placed on the surface of the skin can affect the internal health of both your skin and your body.

The skin excretes lipids, ceramides and fats to make up what is called the ‘lip barrier’; this barrier is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and helps retain hydration in the skin. The skin system relies on an enzyme and growth factor messaging system that requires hydration.  Without an optimum messaging system, the skin cannot protect itself effectively or regenerate effectively. You could say that the internal hydration of the skin is like a highway or pathway for cell messengers.


Dehydration-from poor skin care and makeup-can lead to:








Key points

Some ingredients in non-mineral makeup break down the skin's lipid barrier.

This has a ‘knock on’ effect, leading to transepidermal water loss (loss of water through the permeable layer of the skin) causing skin dehydration.

Dehydration inhibits cell communication, compromising skin cell health.

This leads to acne, rosacea, sensitivity and leaves the skin more vulnerable to further UV/pollutant damage.


Benefits of Mineral make up.

Contains healing zinc.

Contains anti antioxidant protection.

Allows the skin to behave as it would without makeup with the added benefit of UV protection. In other words, it will not disrupt the protective lipid barrier.

Can be easily re-applied every 2 hours as "sunscreen". (use your cream suncream in the morning and then the mineral makeup to top up during the day.)


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