Getting Ready for Life's big moments

Clients often come to us to prepare for life's big moments - weddings, big milestone birthday parties, and so on. Here's a timeline for action that we wrote to help you plan the treatments hat will have you looking and feeling your best on your big day - no matter what your celebration is. 

Remember, our treatments are here to enhance the features you already have, not to change them. We pride ourselves on giving you natural-looking results; making your skin looking picture perfect, and having you look stress free on your big day!


SIX to TWELVE months before

Starting early will get you the best results, so start your skin care and injectable treatments as soon as possible. Begin with a personalized consultation that includes education and assessment of your options, so you will feel fully informed and able to design a menu of treatments to ensure that you look your very best “you” on your big day.
  • During your skin assessment, our skin clinician will recommend medical grade skin care to get your skin in optimum health and prepare it for other skin treatments, such as peels, IPL, or Vampire Facials.
  • We recommend a trial run of your injectable treatments at least six months prior, so you know what suits you best. 
  • At a minimum, Botox injections in the frown area can help you look and feel less stressed on your big day, and can help you avoid any “frowning” photos. 
  • Hydrating dermal fillers can create a natural lift, or enhance your features so you look and feel more beautiful. The most popular uses of dermal filler sought out by clients, prepping for their big day, are to enhance cheek bones and facial structure, to reduce the appearance of tired hollows under the eyes and to add volume and balance to the lips, although there are many options which can be tailored to your needs.

THREE months before

Continue to set the stage for your spotlight moment. Your skin is optimally fit and healthy now, so it’s time to consider some tailored skin treatments to get you truly glowing.
  • If you haven’t already, start light-to-medium peels and/or Vampire Facials to improve skin texture and color.
  • In winter,  IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy may help treat brown spots and redness, if it’s appropriate for you.
  • Trial your first microdermaplaning treatment, and see if it suits your skin. ​This improves the skin’s appearance by removing the top layers of dead skin through a fine planing procedure. This is a safe and painless way of exfoliating the skin’s dead cells in addition to removing the fine ‘peach-fuzz’ hair we have on our faces. Microdermaplaning softens, smooth’s, and improves irregularities, giving the skin a silky texture. 
  • Consider an O-Shot to rejuvenate vaginal tissue, improve sensitivity, and plan for some fun on your big night!

FOUR to SIX weeks before 

Step it up as the big day approaches. Injectable treatments look their best 4–6 weeks after treatment. Be aware that good clinics probably will not treat you within four weeks of your big day—this means you still have time to let treatments settle in and any redness or bruising to fade away. It also gives time for making any tweaks needed to look your absolute best.

  • Plan your final Botox and dermal filler treatments at least four weeks before your event.
  • LED light such as Omnilux can be used after treatments to reduce any bruising. A course of Omnilux will get the skin healthy and glowing. 
  • Continue your professional facial treatments—make your skin luminous.

ONE week before 

The day is almost here, and you want everything to be perfect. You’ll certainly be thinking about what makeup to wear, but it’s also important to think about how makeup is going to look—and last—on your face. By preparing your skin, you’ll look your best all day long.​​​​​​

  • Microdermaplaning softens, smooths, and improves irregularities, giving your skin a silky texture so your makeup glides on and looks gorgeous. 
  • Consider a final peel, combined with an Omnilux treatment, to boost your glow.


Get ready for life's big moments with one of our experts today, contact the clinic on 0800 COSMED or book your Skin Consultation online. 

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