Improving Erections 

Quick facts 

• Many men find their erections become more difficult to maintain as they age. Some lose sensation and/or size, while others find it more difficult to get hard or stay hard during intercourse. Some men are happy with their penis but would like to see if they can improve their erections more

• The P-Shot® (Priapus-Shot®) is a simple, effective and almost painless treatment which can help improve erections

• Some men find their penis improves in size as a side effect of treatment - we do not offer this treatment just for size improvement alone, as only about 60% of men will experience this positive effect

• The P-Shot has been shown to be helpful for Peyronie's Disease (bent penis) and lichen sclerosis


Improving Erections FAQ’s

Does the P-Shot hurt? 

As this treatment involves tiny injections of PRP into the penis, this is the immediate question we always get asked! 

No - we use a really good numbing cream for 10-20 minutes before your treatment, and most men do not feel any pain. Occasionally you may feel a small, temporary twinge, but this settles immediately as the injection finishes, usually a few seconds. A normal treatment takes about 5-10 minutes.

What side effects are there from the P-Shot? 

Any side effects are usually minimal and temporary. As we are using an injection, there is the chance of bruising, swelling, discomfort and/or redness after the treatment. There is the possibility the treatment may not work to your expectations. 

PRP has been used medically for over 20 years with no serious or long term effects. It is considered safe as we are using the healing parts of your own blood. 

Does the P-Shot work with other treatments like Viagra or Cialis? 

Yes! The good news is that the PRP helps to renew and regenerate the tissues that pump blood to the penis, which is how the treatment improves erections. As the tissues become 'younger', other therapies for improving erections seem to work better. 

There are multiple options for men with erectile dysfunction, including: 

- pills such as Viagra or Cialis

- testosterone replacement with your GP or a hormone specialist

- a penis pump that helps improve blood flow and size

- self-injections in the penis just before sex to immediately get and maintain an erection

- counselling with a sex therapist or psychologist

How soon can I see results with the P-Shot? And when can I have sex?

Often results will be immediate, although it may take 3-6 weeks to start seeing changes and 3-6 months to reach full effect. 

You can have sex as soon as the numbing cream wears off - usually within a few hours. 

How successful is the P-Shot treatment? 

We are currently waiting on research to confirm the effectiveness rate of the Priapus-Shot, but from our experience it seems to be approximately the same as the O-Shot® - about 65% success rate with one treatment, increasing to 85-90% with a second treatment? 

How can I get the best results with the P-Shot? 

Dr Charles (inventor of the P-Shot) believes that using a penis pump twice daily from immediately after your treatment and for the next 6 weeks helps boost the results further. We have found good results without using a penis pump, but if you would like to try and maximise your treatment, information about the penis pump, where to get it, and how to use it, can be found here.

You should stop any blood thinners about 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after treatment to maximise the chance of the PRP working, and reduce the chance of bruising. 

How many of these treatments can I have? Will my penis get better and bigger with every treatment? 

We usually get good results with 1-2 treatments. If you have your second treatment within 6 months, you pay a reduced rate. We have found that with more than 2 treatments, there is still an further improvement, but it tends to be a smaller improvement than with the first 2 treatments. 

There is no reason you can't have more than 2 treatments, although expect the results to be less with repeated treatments. Dr Charles has had one patient who has had 8 treatments! 


Take a look at Dr Charles' P-Shot video here 

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