Wrinkle relaxers for lips

Wrinkle relaxers for lips is a common request and it is a very quick, safe and affordable treatment due to the small quantities needed.

It’s important to understand the difference between fillers for lips and wrinkle relaxers for lips as they are both for different areas and produce different outcomes. Fillers do exactly what they sound like, they fill the area to give it back its volume or shape whereas wrinkle relaxes the muscles in the area to reduce lines and prevent more from forming.

Wrinkle relaxers can help with lip lines that are often caused by smoking or the ‘puckering-up’ movement. We use these to relax the muscles that form dynamic lines to soften and prevent lines forming. This will help prevent and reduce fine lines around the lips, restoring natural youthfulness around the area. Some people can develop these fine lines around their mouth as early as their late 20's,  and have often never been smokers!

We can also use this treatment to help with a gummy smile - the term used for a smile that shows a lot of gum. Many women and men are concerned with their ‘roller blind’ smile which disappears at full smile, giving a thin-looking upper lip. By placing a tiny amount of wrinkle relaxers in the mouth area, the muscles relax and reduce the amount of gum showing - all without changing the characteristics of your smile!

Lastly, we can use relaxers to reduce 'sad mouth corners' - those that we see as we tend to age and drooping of the face begins. By placing a small amount of product in the corners of the mouth, we can restore a happy, youthful-looking smile. 

Wrinkle relaxers for lips FAQ's

Will I need an initial consultation? 

Yes, as with all of our services, you must have an initial-consultation before proceeding with your first treatment - regardless of if you have had this treatment elsewhere. This ensures you are fully educated and informed before proceeding with treatment. We are a best-practice clinic and consistently deliver optimal results by placing paramount importance on education and informed consent.

Will they affect my smile?

No. Depending on what you want it for, it may reduce the amount of gum showing or soften the fine lines around the lips but it should not usually change the shape/style of your smile.

Will I need a lot of wrinkle relaxers for the lip area?

No. As the muscles around the mouth are small, it will only take a few units (this is how the relaxers are measured in) to treat a gummy smile or smokers lines. Often treatments will be around $100-$150, depending on the dose needed.

When will I see results and how long will they last for?

Results of your treatment will show at 1-2 weeks and will last for approximately 6 - 12 weeks. 

Where else can I get wrinkle relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxers and Botox® have been used for several years with an almost 100% success rate for treating excessive armpit sweating.

Wrinkle relaxers and Botox® treatments are also used to treat medical conditions such as:

  • Bell’s palsy
  • Facial spasms


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