Cellular Hydrate Plus 

Neck and chest treatment 

The Cellular Hydrate Plus is a new treatment developed at The Face Place to help with an ageing neck and chest. 

To reverse the years of damage, we have developed a new way to treat aged skin on the neck and chest with a combo of Cellular Matrix (PRP) and Botox. This power duo relaxes wrinkles, tightens lax skin and boosts the skins texture from within, leaving you with smooth, hydrated and glowing skin - perfect for summer dresses! For best results we recomeend prepping your skin with medical grade skin care, 4 weeks prior to treatment.  

Our Cosmedicine Injectors use the 007 Mesogun to make the treatment almost painless, while allowing for maximum coverage and ideal penetration, meaning the Botox and the Cellular Matrix are being targeted at optimal levels in the skin. You can see improvement with a single treatment, but we recommend a course of 3. Soften the lines and improve the texture of your skin for up to 4 months. If you have vertical lines, or dry sun damaged skin on your chest, it is worth exploring this treatment.

If you have previously had Botox or PRP, you will just need a single 2 hour appointment with one of our nurses. If not, you will need a 60 minute initial consultation and then you will need to come back for a 2 hour appointment. Please stop fish oils and anti-inflammatories at least 1 week prior to treatment to reduce the chance of bruising.​

To find out which treatments are right for you, contact us for a personalised consultation with one of our Doctors, Nurses or Medical Skin Therapists today on 0800 COSMED.


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