Cellular Matrix Facelift

If your face is starting to sag a little, and your skin is losing it's glow, the Cellular Matrix® Facelift may be a great option for you!

As we age, the supporting ligaments of our face start to stretch, contributing to the sagging of the face. Cellular Matrix is a special type of Platelet-Rich Plasma - the healing parts of your blood - that can be used to strengthen the facial ligaments as well as improving the hydration and luminosity of your skin. Cellular Matrix combines your own Platelet-Rich Plasma with a hydrating HA solution in a special tube. The HA provides a 'scaffold' for the platelets to function more effectively in your skin, stimulating your skin to become even more radiant, hydrated and youthful!

We were the first in NZ to experiment with the Cellular Matrix Facelift in 2014 after Dr Cat came back from a conference of the world's top PRP doctors in Venice.

This exciting treatment allows us to 'tailor' your treatments to the tissues that need to repair and rejuvenate.

Cellular Matrix FAQ's

Will I need an initial consultation? 

Yes, as with all of our services, you must have an initial-consultation before proceeding with your first treatment - regardless of if you have had this treatment elsewhere. This ensures you are fully educated and informed before proceeding with treatment. We are a best-practice clinic and consistently deliver optimal results by placing paramount importance on education and informed consent.

What is the difference between Cellular Matrix and PRP?

Cellular Matrix is part of the PRP family. The difference is that, Cellular Matrix has uncrosslinked (hydrating) Hyaluronic Acid (HA) added to the tube which mixes with your PRP. The HA helps the platelets last for longer and be more effective, significantly boosting the results of the treatment. It is then injected underneath the skin into the sub dermal layer, on top of the muscle - deeper than PRP. This HA creates a space in this layer for the growth factors to multiply in and also to act as a scaffold to support the new cell growth. It will also attract water, increasing the plumpness of the cells and ultimately your skin.

How many Cellular Matrix treatments will I need?

We recommend a course of 3, spaced 1 month apart. Your treating clinician can discuss this further with you on the day of your consultation.

When will I see results of a Cellular Matrix treatment?

You will notice over the course of your 3 months of treatments that your skin looks and feels plumper, stronger, and more radiant, and that the general elasticity of the treated area is greater and more robust. The result gradually improves over weeks to months, giving a subtle, naturally lifted look.

How does the Cellular Matrix Facelift work?

Dr Robin Chok from Adelaide invented the Cellular Matrix Facelift, using CM into the 'zones of adhesion' - the areas of the face where the retaining ligaments (which support the face) meet the bone. By strengthening the ligaments of the face, he believes we can create a tightening effect which more closely resembles a non-surgical facelift. When blended with your normal PRP, your clinician can 'tailor' the PRP to suit your tissues. For the deeper ligaments, a stronger blend is used, while a softer blend can be used for improving your skin texture and fine lines. 


To find out if this treatment is right for you, book a consultation now with one of our Nurses or Doctors on 0800 COSMED.


  • Clients journey over 5 years with filler in lips and nasolabial folds for volume, and cellular matrix for skin rejuvenation

    Clients journey over 5 years with filler in lips and nasolabial folds for volume, and cellular matrix for skin rejuvenation

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