Gold roller 

We encourage all our seasoned skin care users to increase their results by introducing a home rolling instrument. The use of a roller creates tiny little perforations in the very superficial layers of the skin to allow the active ingredients to absorb much more effectively, therefore improving the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, skin thickness, diffused redness and general health even further than product alone.


Roll your way to beautiful skin with our gold home roller

At the Face Place we have the most exquisite, beautifully engineered Environ GOLD ROLLER.  It is the finest of rollers with gold plate to encourage healing and antibacterial qualities and a weighty barrel for easy, comfortable rolling. The needles at 0.25mm offer a gentle, pain-free experience but allow effective delivery of your home care products. It also has ultra fine needles for more channels of product delivery.

Don’t forget we offer the ‘Advanced Peptide Infusion’ that is an effective 3 tiered treatment incorporating a lactic peel suitable for your skin condition; rolling with the gold roller and finally the application of Environ Peptides infused with sonophoresis. This is a great regular 'in clinic' treatment or can be used as an opportunity to introduce you to your new GOLD ROLLER. $550

Alternatively, you can just purchase the roller and we are happy to advise you how to use it. $390



To find out if this treatment is right for you, call the clinic on 0800 COSMED

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