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Injectable initial consult

Before you can proceed with any injectable treatment at The Face Place, you must first have an Initial Consultation.

What to expect?

The Face Place MedSpa™ is totally different to most clinics, with a strong focus on both education and assessment. 

We commit to providing you with a down-to-earth, honest, friendly and fun service. Injectable treatments like Botox are only administered by our highly trained expert medical team. Our doctors and nurses are experts in their field, and our focus is you!

We commit to only providing you with treatments which are SAFE, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE. They also have to be NATURALLY-BASED and MEDICALLY RESEARCHED. If they meet these stringent criteria, our products must then go through our own rigorous trials to ensure they do what they say they are going to do and ARE THE BEST.

How much is an injectable initial consultation?

A consultation/assessment is the starting point for EVERY treatment at The Face Place. If you do not book a consultation first, regardless if you have had the same treatment elsewhere, we will NOT accept your booking.

As a client you are paying for the time of our experts to give you the very best advice and education to provide the best results. As such, you will pay a booking fee to secure your appointment. The injectable consultation fee is $250 ($500 with Dr Catherine Stone). This fee is waived if you choose to proceed with a Botox treatment on the day, with a minimum charge of $250.00 ($500 with Dr Catherine Stone).

If the injectable consultation is for dermal filler, the consultation fee of $250 ($500 with Dr Catherine Stone) will come off the dermal filler treatment that will be booked on another day.

How do we ensure natural-looking Botox results?

We commit to starting with the lowest doses to give you gorgeous, natural-looking results. The aim is subtle, but significant; We can always add more at your follow-up. We also charge by unit (not per area) so you will only ever pay for exactly what you use. 

We commit to providing you with the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE in Non-surgical Cosmedicine, through superior service and a justified reputation for being the best.

What happens during the initial consultation?

As a new client to The Face Place, you will experience a personalised 60-minute Initial Consultation before you proceed with your first treatment. This includes full education and an assessment so we can review your experiences, make sure you're well educated to make informed decisions and create your own personal 'menu' of treatment options to suit your concerns. Before you meet with us, you will be required to fill out a detailed pre-injectable questionnaire. This questionnaire will provide us with all the information needed to ensure a highly personalised experience, based on your medical history, lifestyle and desired outcomes.  

We like to see you for a complimentary follow-up in 2 weeks – it’s our favourite part! At this appointment we will assess your results, get your feedback, note any possible improvements, and take your “after” photos.  If you wish to, we can also make any minor changes to ensure you have the best possible results!

To ensure you always walk out feeling and looking your best, we provide a complimentary mineral make-up service after each of your treatments. Our team is also well versed in highly confidential matters and only use the best technology to ensure your medical records are kept safe, within The Face Place clinic. 


To book an injectable consultation please book online here or contact the friendly front desk team on 0800 22 68 69.

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