Microdermaplaning improves the skin’s appearance by removing the top layers of dead skin through a fine planing procedure. This is a safe and painless way of exfoliating the skin’s dead cells in addition to removing the fine ‘peach-fuzz’ hair we have on our faces. Microdermaplaning softens, smoothes, and improves irregularities, giving the skin a silky texture.  


Microdermaplaning FAQ's

Will I need an initial consultation? 

Yes, as with all of our services, you must have an initial-consultation before proceeding with your first treatment - regardless of if you have had this treatment elsewhere. This ensures you are fully educated and informed before proceeding with treatment. We are a best-practice clinic and consistently deliver optimal results by placing paramount importance on education and informed consent.

What to expect after the treatment?

The actual process involves using a specialised surgical scalpel to remove the excess hair and dead surface cells from your skin. The treatment softens the skin and the hair is removed, giving you a smoother appearance.

How long will the treatment last?

We recommend having a treatment every 4-6 weeks.

Does the treatment hurt?

No. After treatment, your skin may have some redness that should calm in 2 to 4 hours. The sensation you feel compares to running a credit card along one's skin.

Is it safe?

Yes. This is an advanced technique which must be performed by an experienced therapist.

How long does the procedure take?

Treatments usually take 20 to 30 minutes.

How quickly does it work?


Use Microdermaplaning with:

  •     Environ® Medi Facials – immediately after for maximum penetration of vitamins, and hydration of skin
  •     Omnilux Revive™ – gives the skin a youthful glow
  •     IPL Hair Reduction for thicker, darker hairs
  •     Medical Grade Skin Care – to improve and maintain results
  •     Cosmedix ‘Serious Protection’ Sunblock – to protect skin while it renews

Note: You will need to be an existing client who is on medical grade skin care for at least 4 weeks before having this treatment. If you are not on medical grade skin care, your first step is to book in for a skin assessment


To find out if this treatment is right for you, book a consultation now with one of our Medical Skin Therapists on 0800 COSMED

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