SOS Sun Recovery Package 

Our Skin Team Leader and ‘walking skin encyclopaedia', Lauren, has created a programme to help with skin, after the summer holidays.

Post holidays it’s quite probable you will have some thickening of the skin or congestion from a combination of the sun and frequent application of sunscreen. To combat this damage, we’ve tailored a package to specifically deal with these issues.

Our SOS Sun Recovery Package includes a comprehensive Vitamin C peel (in-clinic) and a take home Environ C Quence Energising Masque programme to administer yourself twice weekly for 4 weeks. It will leave your skin looking clear, soft and luminous. 

Vitamin C Peel

There are different types or formulations of Vitamin C, but the type used for peels is Ascorbic acid or water soluble C. This type of C creates an exfoliation effect as well as helping with collagen production. Not only is this antioxidant a great medium for exfoliation but has a fantastic brightening and lightening effect on the skin. 

Environ C Quence Energising Masque programme

This masque is a gentle micro-exfoliating mask containing a high concentration of vitamin C that assists in softening fine lines and in energising the skin to give the appearance of a more even complexion. The Environ C Quence Energising Masque is supplied as two separate components, one being a "Catalyst" and the other the "Actives". Once mixed, and applied to the face, the product will dry and form fine white crystals. You can wash it off immediately or wear it overnight and wash it off with tepid water, the following morning. 


Warning: this programme is not for sensitive skin.

To purchase this programme, you will need to have been on active skin care for at least 4 weeks, otherwise, you will need a skin assessment to begin your 'prep'.

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