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Friends With (Skin) Benefits

Our Skin Team Leader, Lauren, and our Accounts Administrator, Teresa (also a Medical Skin Therapist), are partway through a course of needling /collagen induction therapy (CIT). One evening a month, they are both performing a SkinPen treatment on each other – it’s handy to have friends with skin-expert skills! We sat down with them to discuss their experiences thus far.

Tell us about your course of CIT so far…

LAUREN: Well, we are halfway through a course of Collagen Induction Therapy using our SkinPen and seeing some fantastic results. SkinPen is the only FDA-approved microneedling device and is one of the most efficient devices I’ve used, giving fantastic results. The ‘sweet spot’ is to do six treatments about a month apart, but results can be seen after only one treatment. It’s important that a device reaches an appropriate depth in the skin to create change and that its needles are precision-made so that the surface of the skin isn’t damaged but allows the stimulation within the skin leading to a ‘wound-healing cascade’ that will eventually lay down new collagen, restructure new capillaries and remove pigment deposits from the skin.

Numbing cream is applied first, then removed and the skin cleaned. The pen device has a disposable 12-needle cartridge that is gently moved over the skin until the endpoint is reached which is a dense erythema or redness to the skin. This redness reduces dramatically after 24 hours and by 48 hours (for most people) it has almost disappeared, followed by some dry or slightly flaky skin and back to normal by day four.

We then finish with a Healite treatment which compounds the treatment efficacy and dramatically expedites healing and finishes the procedure with warmth and a blissful massage.

TERESA: As I am in my 60s, I’m always looking for ways to maintain and improve my skin in terms of thickness and tone, I find doing regular dermal needling treatments helps me achieve good results. When I first started needling, my renewal process would take about 3-4 days but as I get older this has slowed closer to 4–7 days, however, at the end of a treatment my skin feels more hydrated and toned. 

What changes/improvements have you noticed?

LAUREN: Collagen Induction Therapy improves fine lines, pore size, general texture, reduces redness and pigmentation, but one of the hardest things to treat is skin laxity, especially the neck. I’ve really noticed tighter neck skin and a reduction in fine lines and increased plumpness. I have had many needling courses over the years, but as I’ve just entered my 50th decade, my estrogen levels will reduce, leading to reduced collagen production and glycosaminoglycans or hydration. Needling is an excellent treatment for addressing these concerns.

TERESA: It’s always hard to recognise one’s own improvements, but after doing a treatment I often get compliments from friends and colleagues about how my skin is more luminous and hydrated.

– Teresa, showing off her glowing skin at Lauren’s 50th birthday recently.

What can be achieved with needling that differs from other treatments?

LAUREN: Collagen Induction Therapy or Needling is an extremely effective treatment for stimulating the skin to naturally produce collagen. It’s my preference over many alternative treatments because of its low risk and high gain. The beauty of it is that it produces the perfect type of collagen which is said to compare to in vitro collagen and not a ‘scar tissue’ type collagen which can be induced by other treatment modalities.

TERESA: With a lot of other treatments it’s possible to improve collagen but dermal needling is one of the only treatments that assists with the production of elastin. Plus, it’s low risk with minimal downtime.

Is needling a good option for everyone?

LAUREN: Yes, there are very few contraindications. Everyone will experience collagen loss and it can be used as a preventative as well as repair. Not only is it a medium used for what is commonly referred to as skin rejuvenation, but can improve scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, and general skin health.

TERESA: Your skin invariably declines with age and the recovery process is slower. Through doing needling, I am confident that it is the best treatment to treat the skin, to regularly improve all functions of the skin, and I love that it is non-invasive.

 – Lauren, in action with the SkinPen

For someone new to needling, what would you recommend?

TERESA: Almost everyone will benefit from CIT/Needling though it is best practice to ensure that the skin is in good condition before commencing treatment. Skin needs to be calm and clear to prevent the spread of bacteria but it is brilliant post-acne for acne scarring. An extremely impaired barrier needs to be addressed prior to starting a treatment – so it is always good to start with a thorough consultation.

For me it’s a bit like a garden – it is vital to make sure that you have good nutrition in the skin, so being on good skincare is a given, the better the nutrition of the skin the better the results/outcome.

LAUREN: As with all our treatments, it is important to start with an Initial Skin Consultation to see what best suits your individual needs. Starting to change the health of your skin with topical A and antioxidants is essential as this creates long term change in your skin and protects it from future damage. Healthier, nutritionally supported skin will respond better to the Collagen Induction Treatment as it relies on the skin’s natural healing response to produce collagen.

Your Skin Therapist may suggest other treatments such as nutritional peels initially so that you get the absolute best result from your Collagen Induction Therapy Treatment.

Book in with one of Medical Skin Therapists to chat about CIT today!

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