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Lauren & Rachel – Fabulous At 50!

From Skin Team Leader Lauren…

I think reaching 50 can be a time to rejoice and feel excited about the future. Obviously, with any stage of life, the level of positivity you may or may not feel can be related to self-esteem based on achievement and how you think you are perceived by the world.  

There are many reasons why I have a sense of accomplishment at this stage in my life. Firstly, I have two wonderful teenage children that, for all our ups and downs instil an immense amount of pride in me when I observe the beautiful humans they are and the caring adults I see them becoming. As any parent knows, parenting is the hardest job in the world and although I haven’t always got it right, my best advice is that connecting with your children opens so many doors in the way of insight and communication. I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to connect with my kids through nature and sport. I would drag them out on hikes at a young age and after their initial protests, they would thoroughly enjoy their surroundings and our time together. As they got older, we would surf (admittedly not very well) and snowboard together. These opportunities have been invaluable as our connection has helped us work together through their challenging teenage years.  

Lauren enjoyed her 50th celebration with friends and family on Waiheke
Lauren, on a recent snowboarding trip with her son.

Secondly, as a single-income household, I have a great sense of achievement from my own financial independence through hard work and determination. A great celebration for me in my 50th year is that I’m completely gutting, renovating and adding on to my house. This dream has been in the pipeline for some years and has finally come to fruition with my own business success. I suppose my point is, that after divorce, there is potential for financial independence and stability if you believe it.  

Ok, so we know it’s not all positive – age brings aches and pains and some fear around those changes that seem to suddenly appear. As I hobbled around this week after a weekend of snowboarding, I had to lament with, “At least I’m still trying”. That’s my philosophy on age, ‘keep fighting the fight’, do what you can and make the best of it. That means keep exercising, try to keep happy and when life offers its challenges compartmentalise and take one day at a time, keep laughing, keep using your skincare, keep social and every now and then challenge yourself. Anyway, not sure who I think I am giving advice on life!

I should probably stick to what I know – skin. So, here’s some basic advice:  

  • Keep out of the sun 
  • Using cosmeceutical skincare is the single most important thing you can do to repair and slow down aging 
  • Follow the rules with at minimum vitamins A, C and B 
  • Needle … a lot 
  • I think the most effective advances in the skin industry are through research in skin physiology and what ingredients we can use to manipulate the skin cell to keep stimulating metabolic function, so don’t be drawn into spending money on in-clinic treatments without the backup of good, active skincare.  

    Some of my other learnings, simple and clichéd as they might be:
  • Spend more time listening and less time talking  
  • Acceptance: learn to observe but not judge 
  • Find ways to be of service to others 
  • Create memories with your family and friends 

 Lauren, Skin Team Leader

From our receptionist extraordinaire Rachel…

I’ll be brutally honest, turning 50 was huge for me. It was a scary number that I didn’t welcome at all. Turning 50 can be a big deal for women, entering a new decade and a new milestone.  This is a time when you feel and see changes within almost every aspect of your being. It can be confronting, scary and sometimes isolating.   

As with everything, there are good and bad aspects of turning 50.  I need to constantly remind myself that these changes are natural, and there’s no need to feel stressed about them. It’s all part of the deal. Women’s bodies are remarkably complex machines and nothing is more complex than entering menopause. Some women feel understandably anxious about the strange new body they suddenly find themselves in. Menopause can be unsettling and upsetting and it takes time to navigate and find a balance. Sexually, women may find themselves suddenly feeling undesirable as their libido takes an unexpected dive. Fortunately, there are ways to counteract this, like TFP sexual rejuvenation – tested and approved by this 50-year-old! It’s a time to step up the self-care, be kinder than ever to ourselves and embrace our femininity more than ever. 

How I take care of myself at 50 

My skin routine is a religion to me now. Having struggled with acne my entire adult life, finding the correct skin regimen has been game-changing. And a little tweak of Botox is a beautiful thing! Exercise, for me, consists of dog walking, the odd boxing class and a gallop down the beach on a horse, but I don’t get fanatical about working out anymore. I’ve come to realise that a few extra pounds keep your face looking a little more youthful, so don’t concern yourself too much about changes in your body, they can have their benefits. I hardly drink at all now and I honestly don’t miss it, but chocolate and coffee are still essential. Sleep! Lots of sleep! 

As far as attitude goes, I say – never be too serious! People who smile and laugh are infinitely more beautiful. I laugh a lot and have a childish sense of humour. Music is a huge love of mine and a great mood changer, I listen to everything from death metal to jazz to meditation music. Whatever your taste, blast it and dance! I am convinced this helps keep me feeling young.  

Women should be cherished at every age and turning 50 doesn’t have to stop your sexiness and beauty. Remember that your true age is inside you and with a little help from good skincare, Botox, chocolate, the odd yoga class and Metallica, we can stay young forever! 

So put those sexy heels on, have a laugh and keep rock ’n’ rolling girls!

Rachel, Medical Receptionist
Rachel and her dog, Yuki.

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