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Lauren’s Ski Trip Skin Routine

With many of us heading away for a snow trip this winter, our skin guru sets the record straight on keeping your skin healthy and protected when hitting the slopes…

I’m excited it’s snowboarding season again! I love the break in routine, the adventure, adrenaline and getting back to nature. Of course, the cold and heat play havoc with the skin and I do end up looking like a beetroot by the end of the day. Now is not the time to be letting up on skincare and sunscreen!

Here are the three key steps to my routine:

1. Antioxidants for protection
The skiing environment is a breeding ground for free radicals with the extreme UV on the mountain, the reflection off the snow and extended time outside. Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause a cascade of damage and antioxidants will stabilise that process halting the damage. Really important antioxidants are Vitamin C and B, so make sure these go on before your sunscreen in the morning.

2. Apply sunscreen, repeat and rescue
Apply sunscreen every 2 hours and more frequently if your face gets wet or you are sweating. For me the liposomal sunscreens (Cosmedix Peptide Rich Defence and Heliocare) have been game changers – they truly are the most efficacious sunscreen formulas I’ve used.

In addition to sunscreen, I will take my Cosmedix Rescue Balm to create a barrier that helps with transepidermal water loss. The cold air and the transitioning between heating and getting hot with exercise leaches hydration from the skin so reapplying a barrier, as well as sunscreen, will keep more moisture in the skin.

3. Repair & hydrate
You may be exhausted after a day of adventure but don’t skip the night routine as this is an important time for the skin to repair. Remember, Vitamin A is a key player in repair as well as peptides and antioxidants to further reduce the inflammation created through the day. I also add in a hydrating mask that I leave on over my serums at night.

Lauren - Medical Skin Therapist - Ski Trip
Lauren (middle) with friends on the slopes.

My Ski Trip Skincare Routine

Aspect Dr Deep Clean

Environ Avance Elixir (a multi-peptide product)

Aspect Dr Multi B (antioxidant)

Aspect Active C (antioxidant)

Cosmedix Rescue or Skin Better Moisture trio (Moisture and Skin barrier protection)

Cosmedix Peptide-Rich Defense (liposomal sunscreen with peptide repair)

Aspect Dr Deep Clean (rinse and repeat!)

Environ Avance Elixir

Aspect Dr Multi B

Cosmedix Refine (vitamin A)

Aspect Hydrate Mask

While this is my tried and true routine, it’s always best to have a skin assessment first in order to figure out what is needed for your specific skin requirements.

Stay safe out there – and enjoy the snow!

Your Skin Team Leader & Skin Guru,


Cosmedix Repair
Lauren Harding skin guru at The Face Place

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