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Marjorie & Marilou Celebrate 5 Years With Us

Our two senior nurses Marilou and Marjorie have both just reached a very special career milestone.  We sat them down for a quick Q&A to chat about how they started out and how their journey with TFP is going. 

You started with us, 5 years ago as registered nurses. (Marilou worked in aged care and diabetes; Marjorie worked in ED and breast care). What brought you to cosmedicine, and The Face Place?   

MARILOU Though I didn’t have any background in cosmetic medicine, it felt like it was a very exciting field to work in. The longer I work in the industry, I have found it to be such an ever-evolving industry, more than what I had expected. It is such a stimulating place to work in. You have to be on your toes and constantly learning and training. 

MARJORIE Since I was a teenager, I have had this burning passion for beauty and aesthetics. I used to join pageant contests and I always love witnessing positive transformations and getting involved with new trends. So, whilst I enjoyed being an ED and breast-care nurse early in my career (because of the thrill of never knowing what the day will bring), there was still something missing. So when The Face Place posted a job ad for new injectors, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity as not only is TFP NZ’s top cosmetic clinic (in my opinion) but I would get the chance to practise my nursing profession in new ways. Now I make use of my nursing expertise to make a positive aesthetic change in each and every client I treat every day. 

 Along with Botox and dermal filler, Marilou and Marjorie are experts in PRP. Here they are just back from the BioBridge PRP Conference in Sydney. 

We hadn’t planned on hiring 2 nurses, but we were so impressed by both of you that we decided to draw up two contracts. What was it like getting the call from our General Manager to say you had landed the job? 

MARILOU I was doing shift work that time I got the news and I was working on night duty so I couldn’t make a noise! I was pretty stoked when I learned I got the role. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get the role because the interview process was quite different. It was a group interview and it was my first time to do an interview with other applicants present. We were asked the same question and you get to hear the answers of other interviewees, it was a bit nerve wracking really. There were times when I thought I had the same answer as the one next to me and thought to myself, “ugh, she beat me to it!” 

MARJORIE I can still clearly remember when Dee phoned me saying that I got the job. The feeling was surreal. I was holding my breath as I waited for Dee to finish what she was saying. I was with my husband and my son who was only 6 months old back then. We were very grateful, I felt a great sense of purpose and I was so excited about everything. 

Over the last half decade, what have been your career highlights?  

MARILOU I pride myself on being able to attend different conferences and trainings. Being up to date on such a diverse industry such as Cosmetic Medicine is very important. And celebrating my 5-year anniversary at TFP is a big milestone for me too! 😊 

MARJORIE I was featured in a Woman’s Day magazine article about hyperhidrosis and also featured in Shaaanxo’s YouTube vlog about how happy she was after I treated her teeth grinding issues with  Botox. I have also trained a couple of batches of new injectors that TFP hired over the last 5 years. Seeing them master and execute the techniques that I taught them gives a great sense of achievement.  

Attending the AMAC conference in Sydney 2016 was an early highlight! 

You’ve both attended many conferences and training across Australasia. What’s been your standout? 

MARILOU You’ll never forget your firsts, so for me, it’ll be the first AMAC I have attended back in 2016 in Sydney. I was just amazed and honoured to be amongst so many experienced injectors. There is a very exciting vibe every time you get to see live demos of injectable treatments on stage.

MARJORIE The MD Codes distinction in Sydney, Australia 2018 is at the top of my list. Not only Dr Maio is one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, he is also the father of MD Codes which is the bible for anybody practicing in our industry. It doesn’t get better than that. 

You’ve both grown into very senior members of the team, as our Advanced Senior Cosmedicine Nurses. What has it been like growing your career together? 

MARILOU It was really nice to start the same time as Marjorie and to learn/train alongside her. Most of the time, we throw ideas at each other or brainstorm about interesting cases. Because we have a rapport, when we work together, we know what each other is thinking and it’s really automatic that she’d help me out without me asking for it and vice versa. 

MARJORIE Having Marilou beside me all my TFP career has really been a great blessing. Not only do I have someone whom I can consistently rely on to support me, I also have someone whom I can bounce ideas off. Our relationship just kept on growing stronger as years went by. Everything felt natural with her going through the ups and downs in our TFP career. There is no jealousy over each other’s achievements, and we are there for each other especially when handling complex situations. 

You’re both experienced in every treatment we have to offer at The Face Place – in fact, you are trainers for several procedures. What are your personal favorite treatments/areas to treat?  

MARILOU I enjoy treating Botox, especially when you treat people who are new to injectables. Often people are nervous (which is totally understandable) when they get their first Botox treatment with you. When they come back for their 2-week follow-up, they get all excited and super stoked when they get to see the results. There is a very palpable difference with their confidence level when they feel good about themselves and it feels nice to be part of that positive change for other people.

MARJORIE My personal favourite is restoring a foundational support on the face. Without the right foundation, the filler result cannot last longer. The foundation carries the weight of the entire facial tissues. Cosmedicine is an amazing mix of both science and art. Having a strong foundation ensures a stable lasting positive result. 

Marjorie (back row, second from left) and Marilou (front row, second from right) celebrate Cat’s birthday with the team in 2017. 

Finally, we’ve all shared such a wonderful 5 years together and can’t wait for the next 5! What motivates you to be so great at your jobs? 

MARILOU I really enjoy bringing out positive changes to people. People usually ask me to make them look less angry or less tired, etc. because other people think that they’re grumpy or exhausted all the time. They say, what they look on the outside is not usually a reflection of what they feel on the inside. That’s a really nice position to be in, to be a catalyst in their transformation into the person that they see themselves as. 

 MARJORIE I relish the opportunity to make a positive impact daily to our clients. Helping them feel good about themselves and empowering them to take control of their happiness gives me a sense of confidence and belief that I can be of some help. The mere idea that I might be able to provide a solution to someone’s problem is really what gets me going.  

Botox® is a prescription medicine for the treatment of frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. Botox® has risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if Botox is right for you.  If you have side effects, see your doctor. You will need to pay for Botox® and clinic fees will apply. For details on precautions & side effects consult your healthcare professional or the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) at  Botox® treatment lasts about 4 months and further courses of treatment may be necessary.  Should only be administered by trained medical professionals. (contains botulinum toxin A 50,100 & 200 units) Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.

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