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My Face Plan.

Saving for injectable and skin treatments

We don't believe that anyone should go into debt for cosmedicine treatment. That's why we don't offer Afterpay or similar schemes. Instead, we offer our own customised savings plan called My Face Plan.

This pre-payment plan makes saving for your treatments easier. You choose how much you would like to contribute and how often. You can use the money in your ‘My Face Plan’ (just like cash) towards any treatment or skin care products at The Face Place, whenever you like.

My Face Plan Payment Instructions

As all our treatments require payment in full on the day of treatment, we offer a pre-treatment pre-payment plan called My Face Plan.

To make My Face Plan payments all you need to do is set us up as one of your payees.

You will need to use your name as the reference and you can put into this account how much you choose to and whatever amount, whenever you like!

You may choose to do a weekly OR fortnightly OR monthly payment, either manually or via automatic payment.

We also accept the following finance cards: Farmers Card, Q Card and GEM Visa. The re-payments to these cards will depend on your own relationship with the respective finance companies.

Our My Face Plan Account Number is: 12-3495-0000523-50
Please use your name as the reference.

Once you start making payments, please let us know by emailing: teresa@thefaceplace.co.nz

1. This Agreement

1.1. This agreement allows you to pay for your treatments using a prepayment account.
1.2. This agreement covers the rights and obligations in respect of your account including:

a) how and when your account commences and ends;
b) your obligations in respect of the account;
c) how we manage the account and debit the account for treatments and products;
d) how to access information about the account and change your account details;
e) how and when the account can be closed.

1.3. This agreement contains defined terms. You can identify a defined term by use of capital letters. The defined terms are contained in clause 12.


2. In this agreement:
2.1. “We” means The Face Place and “our” and “us” have corresponding meanings; and
2.2. “You” means the person named as the account holder and “your” has a corresponding meaning.


3. How this agreement commences
3.1. This agreement commences when:

a) you have completed an application to open a pre-payment account; and
b) we have activated your account.

3.2. This agreement will end when your account is closed under clause 10. Closure of your account will not affect your obligation to pay any outstanding amounts for treatments and products under this agreement.
3.3. We will activate your pre-payment account when:

a) you have provided all of the information we require and we have approved your application; and

3.4. We will notify you when your account has been activated.
3.5. We reserve the right to approve or reject your application but will notify you should we choose to reject your application.


4. What treatments can you pay for using your pre-payment account?
4.1. You can use your pre-payment account to pay for any treatments or products you want.


5. What you agree to pay
5.1. You agree that we can debit your pre-payment account:

a) the cost of any treatments or products supplied to you;
b) any other amount that you must pay under this agreement.


6. Management of pre-payment accounts
6.1. We will hold all funds received by us for pre-payments in a separate and identifiable account.
6.2. We will debit your account with the cost of any treatments supplied to you on the date those treatments are supplied.
6.4. If the balance of your prepayment account is insufficient to cover the cost of treatments or products, we will request that the balance owing is paid on the day.


7. Treatments
7.1. The cost of treatments is set by us and may be amended at any time.
7.2. A schedule of treatment costs is available on request.
7.3. You are responsible for being aware of the cost of any treatments supplied to you.


8. Checking your account and obtaining statements
8.1. You can check or update your account details by contacting us.
8.2. We will not issue statements for your pre-payment account unless you ask us.


9. Suspending your account
9.1. If your account has a negative balance we will request immediate payment. If you fail to bring your pre-payment account into credit, we may suspend your account.
9.2. We will reactivate your account if your pre-payment account has been restored to a credit balance.


10. Closing your account
10.1. You may ask us to close your account at any time.
10.2. We may close your account if your account has been suspended and you have failed within a reasonable time to take any necessary steps to enable it to be reactivated.
10.3. We will not close your account until you have paid us:

a) any outstanding balances in your account; and

10.4. When your account is closed we will refund any credit balance by paying it into the bank account that the credit first came from. 


11. General
11.1. We may amend these terms and conditions at any time. If we do so we will notify you at least 30 days before the amendment takes effect and publish information about the changes on our website.
11.2. We will collect and store your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. For our privacy statement and information about how to request access to and amend your personal details please contact us.


12. Definitions

In this agreement: Prepayment account means an account held by us in your name to pay for treatments. Treatments means non-surgical injectable treatments and therapies provided by us from time to time. Products means skin care products sold by us.


Product Restricted

Note: This poduct is only available to clients who have had an Initial Skin Consultation with us in the past 12 months.

Please Login / Register to purchase or book a Skin Consultation with us

Takapuna Car Park

Toka Puia AT Carpark has just opened at 15 Northcroft Street and we recommend this as the closest under cover option. This is Pay by Plate and can be paid at the machine or via the AT Parking app - it's $1.50 per hour.

We also suggest parking on Northcroft Street or Anzac Street using AT Pay & Display.

Anzac Street Carpark offers Pay & Display parking as well as monthly parking leases with casual parking from $1.

Street Parking (Northcroft Street)

First 2 hours – $1 per hour
Hours thereafter – $2 per hour

Monday – Saturday 6pm – 8am No Charge
Sunday and Public Holidays- No Charge
Motorcycle and Mobility parking P180 – No Charge

Britomart Car Park

Currently this car park is offering 2 hours' free parking with a receipt of $50 or more from a Britomart store (such as The Face Place). We also recommend using the valet parking option at Britomart Car Park.

The Central Valet drop-off point is located on the corner of Gore and Tyler Streets, opposite Takutai Square. Drive in via the entrance on Gore Street, where you’ll be greeted by a friendly valet concierge. Just leave your engine running, take your ticket and off you go. Cars dropped here will be valet parked for you at Britomart Car Park. You can retrieve your car at any time by taking your valet ticket to Britomart Car Park Reception on the corner of Britomart Place and Scene Lane.

Valet parking is $20* for two hours (includes parking charges) $5 each additional half-hour to a daily maximum of $45 (to midnight). You just drop off your car and pick up a ticket, without the hassle of finding a parking space. It is available from 10am-8pm.

If you wish to park longer than two hours, until the end of June 2022 there is also special offer of half-price parking booked through www.mycarpark.co.nz which is available by using the special code on the landing page.

We’re also right beside Britomart Train Station and public transport is 50% off until the end of August 2022.