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Q&A With Our Chief Marketing Officer, Mikayla

As we celebrate 5 year anniversaries for our 3 Ms; Marjorie, Marilou and Mikayla, we sat down with each of them to find out a little more about what their last 5 years at The Face Place have looked like. Not only was it a great opportunity to hear about moments that the rest of the team may never have been privy to, but also a moment of reflection from 3 of our excellent team members who live and breathe the values of The Face Place.   


What led you to cosmedicine, specifically The Face Place?  

When I was in the final legs of my BCom degree I was working part time in the FMCG industry for Heineken. I loved the brand, the vision and the people, however I felt this incongruence between who I was and the product I was backing. With beer, I could take it or leave it. Simultaneously, I was introduced to The Face Place by a friend who worked there and became acutely aware of the role Dr Catherine Stone had played in pioneering an entire industry. No big deal! There was no role advertised, but I met with Dr Cat and our GM, Dee. I knew my next role had to have three things: 1) a purpose-driven brand that made an actual impact in people’s lives 2) inspiring leadership and a team known for their innovation and drive to be the best and 3) autonomy AND guidance to let me grow into the best marketer/leader I could be. 

The moment I met them, I knew. The Face Place checked all three. Many interviews and paperwork later, I joined the team as a marketing/IT intern. I fell head over heels for the organisation and its perfect combination of beauty and science. As soon as I finished university I created a 10-page slideshow on why TFP needed me in a full-time brand-development role. I presented it (shaky hands and all) and landed the role! 

What was it like getting the call from Dee, our General Manager, to say you had landed the job?  

Euphoric. I remember exactly where I was in my living room. I mouthed “OMG I’ve got the offer!” to my partner, but tried to be cool and collected on the phone to Dee. I also felt this overwhelming sense of pride, and gratitude for Cat and Dee’s innate belief in me. It was a risk, taking on someone so young, but that ended up being a huge advantage. I had so much to prove and this innate hunger to show them they had made the right move.    

Over the last half decade, what has been your career highlight? 

Oh that’s easy. By the end of 2017 we had grown the Britomart clinic to capacity. We were quite literally having to climb over each other (behind the scenes of course!), but there was this buzz and energy in the thriving clinic. Because of its success we were able to build our 2nd clinic in Takapuna. I loved being trusted to play a pivotal part of every facet of that process, from data analysis to helping shape the custom state-of-the-art build, site visits, to brand collateral and IT site infrastructure, to the amazing launch event in November 2018. The adrenaline, the professional and personal growth that transpired as a consequence of juggling so many balls, and the excitement I felt, all came together so excellently – I say that now in hindsight, but I do remember there being many sleepless nights!   

During a site visit near the early stages of the clinic build.  

You’ve attended many conferences throughout your time at TFP. What has been your standout?  

2020 hasn’t been great for the event landscape, but I’ve been fortunate that our organisation is obsessed with ongoing learning and professional development and have attended some great marketing conferences over the years, including the C-Suite Marketing Leaders’ Summit in 2019. However my standout was traveling to Bali with Dr Cat for a 3-day immersive branding conference in 2016! We also stayed at Escape Haven for a few days – talk about work hard, play hard! I also love attending awards nights and connecting with others in the beauty industry.  

Dr Catherine Stone and Mikayla attending the NZ Best In Beauty Awards.  

What’s your favourite treatment at The Face Place? 

Everything! No really. I love it all, from the skincare to the Vampire Facials to the lip enhancement treatments. Don’t even get me started on the massages we get during LED Omnilux / Healite treatments (if you know, you know!) Growing up I only ever used supermarket brands such as Cetaphil (I can hear our Skin Team collectively sighing) so when I purchased my first round of medical-grade skincare, it felt, and feels, like a daily Christmas present to myself.  

What motivates you to go above and beyond in your job?  

First and foremost, I have a keep-me-awake-all-night passion for business, digital marketing and the beauty industry. Working at TFP complements that. Secondly, I’m an ambitious, competitive individual who has always been determined to be greater than I was yesterday and when you work alongside a team of experts who are all driven in their own pursuit of excellence, it constantly pushes you forward to achieve. And thirdly, we’re here to create the ultimate experience in non-surgical cosmedicine for men and women, and I see the daily effort the team puts in to make that a reality. From our world-class front desk team to the clinicians, to our external agency partners and the leadership team who work behind the scenes, they all genuinely care about their work and their clients, and they’re good, fun, intelligent people. 

What’s coming up in 2021?  

Many exciting things! When I first started 5 years ago, the first thing I did was build a new website for TFP. As you could imagine, a lot changes in 5 years so our marketing team is rebuilding it again, with the goal to launch it in Feb 2021. With the expertise we have on board, it’s going to be absolutely spectacular. I’d love our clients’ feedback once it’s out! This year we’ve been busy integrating our new CRM into the business, launching an app and a new referral program, new dermal filler treatments (hello Volite, Volux and Profhilo!) and an updated TFP Wellbeing Programme for our team (I’m really proud of this and will share more on it later). Everything we do as a marketing and leadership team comes back to what I mentioned earlier; making sure we offer the ultimate experience in non-surgical Cosmedicine so, whilst I can’t share everything, 2021 will involve bigger and better partnerships, interactive online experiences, more innovation and superior results for our guests that are equally outstanding and to an uncompromising standard.  

If you’d like to read our Q&As with our Senior Cosmedicine Nurses Marjorie and Marilou, you can do so here. 

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